Vegan Garlic Mushroom Risotto with Porcini Cream
"This vegan mushroom risotto has a couple of my twists that you can take or leave – it’s up to you. I used miso paste in the place of some salt as it adds a lot of subtle flavour to the dish. To compensate for the cream that is often added to traditional risottos, I blended some of the rehydrated porcini with a handful of soaked cashews to create a wonderful porcini cream that reinforces the mushroom flavour and adds a little extra creaminess that some risotto eaters enjoy."
-- @lazycatkitchen
A Note from Feedfeed

This isn't your typical risotto recipe! It features  both dried and fresh mushrooms, miso paste, and a little sauerkraut liquid to enhance the risotto's golden color. The creaminess comes from a mixture of rehydrated porcini mushrooms and soaked cashews, making it completely vegan! Check out our Vegan Dinner feed edited by @eatwithsweet for more inspo!