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Dongchimi (winter radish kimchi) never looked so good and it's actually good for you!! Happens to be vegan, packed with probiotics, tangy, crunchy, low calorie snack for any time of the day. In fact, dilute the broth with equal part fizzy water and sip on it all day long. Kombucha can kiss dongchimi's xxx. ?? Recipe in @the.everyday.korean cookbook ? Gorgeous bowl by Aron @facturegoods ? . . #kfusioncooks #meatlessmonday #vegan #kimchi #dongchimi #fermentation #microbiome #koreanfood #radish #plantbased #whole30 #paleo #glutenfree #healthy #cleaneating #goodeats #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #eattheworld #bonappetit #saveurmag #nom #비건 #동치미
Salmon crudo with winter harvest, one of many dishes I will be preparing for an upcoming pop-up dinner! ? Koreanfusion 5 course pop-up dinner with wine (obviously) is happening on Saturday, Jan 13th at the Atlanta United training facility. I am proud to be partnering with @thetipsygourmand and cook some incredibly delicious dishes with @mattjfinley, the executive chef for the Atlanta United. ?‍? This is your chance to taste my soulful Koreanfood with a modern twist, that Eater editor @sopermckibben chose as her best meal of 2017 in Atlanta. Every course will be paired with selected wines, historical references, and exciting stories. I guarantee that this dinner will be more than just a meal. Looking forward to serving you. ? Ticket link available @thetipsygourmand profile, or on my website, . . #kfusioncooks #EverydayKorean #popupdinner #atlanta #atlantaeats #atlantaevent #atlantaunited #atlantafoodies #salmon #trout #crudo #winterharvest #heirloomcarrots #colddish #sashimi #paleo #whole30 #healthy #cleaneating #delicious #koreanfusion #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #nom #homecook #sogood #연어 #사시미 #크루도
Summer Tomato Panzanella
Panzanella with chopped garden harvest! So refreshing, delicious, and intensely satisfying from all kinds of textures. Mmmm taste like summer and I cannot be happier.? .
Gochujang Cured Pork Belly
Gochujang cured pork belly. Charred. Hot. Sexy. Meat. Cookbook recipe testing is such a great excuse to do Korean BBQ all by myself. Great paired with huge rosé champagne and Fingerlakes Riesling. All. For. Me.
Penne With Gochujang Marinara
Penne with Gochujang Marinara ? Added a small dollop of gochujang into my homemade marinara for some Korean kick and it turned out great! Used @barillaus veggie penne because each portion provides one full serving of veggies! What?! #hideyourveggies ? To jazz it up, I sprinkled pine nuts, bird's eye chilis, and radish greens (because that was the only green thing in my kitchen, oddly). Tastes like a cross between #tteokbokki & tomato pasta in a good way. ?? 고추장토마토펜네 ? 떡볶이와 토마토 파스타 조합같은 맛. 녹색허브가 마침 떨어져 사용한 무청 가니쉬 은근히 괜찮다!
Toast With Cream Cheese, Tomatoes And Grapes
Meatless Monday lunch. Heirloom Tomatoes + Maldon & Green Grapes + Watercress on Ciabatta smeared with @atlantafreshyogurt Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese. I am in love with GYCC! Not only 66% lower in calories & 30% more protein compared to regular CC, but also it smears effortlessly on even the softest bread. Tomato & CC combo is obviously delish, but hot damn - green grapes with watercress is a surprisingly genius combo over cheesy toast. I would have drizzled EVOO but I am totally out...
Tomato And Kale Salad With Soy Vinaigrette
I had such an amazing weekend filled with joy and laughter celebrating my good friend's wedding in Asheville. I love weddings!! A ton of dancing and quality beer. That also means it is time I detox again. ? Heaping amount of kale, vine ripe tomatoes, GA vidalia onions and pine nuts with Korean soy sesame vinaigrette (or equal part ponzu & sesame oil). ? Thank god beer is vegan. ? #feedfeed #nourisheverybody
Chinese Sausage Salad
I made warm vinaigrette with Chinese sausage made with duck liver (yun chang) for my salad. LOVE. Yun chang 膶腸 - skinnier darker version of lapcheong - has richer concentrated flavor that I LOVE and a little goes a long way. And Yes. I eat my salad with chopsticks.