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Jenny Huang
Brooklyn, NY
Born in Sichuan, raised in New Orleans. Hello My Dumpling is delicious, healthy food for the soul.

Pulling a Great Shot of Espresso

My Recipes
Serrano Chili, Lemongrass And Basil Cucumber Caipirinha
Go infuse some cachaca with lemongrass, Serrano chili, and Thai basil. Then pour it over plenty of ice, muddled cucumber and lime for a very special caipirinha. You deserve it!
Lettuce Wraps With Barramundi Fish
Did you overindulge a bit during the holidays? My Barramundi Fish Ssam will help you get back into fighting form. And just because it's healthy does not mean it skimps on flavor! ..:Barramundi Fish Ssam:..
Spiced Maple And Persimmon Puree Bourbon Cocktail
Happy New Year! How are you celebrating tonight? I'm going to be heading to a friend's for dinner and a small gathering, a much more calm and relaxing New Years Eve than previous years.
Ginger Swirl Sandwich Cookies With Passion Fruit Curd And Mascarpone
They are here! Ginger Viennese Whirls w/Matcha Mascarpone Cream + Passion Fruit Curd. Yes you read that right. The edible gift to lord over all other edible gifts.
Pear Cornmeal Custard Crustless "pie" With Coconut Ginger Whipped Cream And…
I am not a fan of apple pie. Yes I know. What is wrong with me? I much prefer this gluten-free and crustless lighter version of the heavy desserts usually found during Thanksgiving. The rich sweetness of honey is paired with contrasting fat flakes of sea salt. Gentle pears sit in a delicious custardy filling. And finally topped with generous dollops of coconut ginger whipped cream
Barramundi Braised With Sichuan
Happy New Year! This beauty is #ontheblog and also on @food52. What are you feasting on tonight {link in profile} #barramundi