A Week in Nantucket!

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A Week in Nantucket!

With Hayley from #TeamFeedfeed

The first time I visited Nantucket island I was young and my mom was desperate for a vacation and some family bonding. She had heard bits and pieces about Martha’s Vineyard, we had visited the Cape once before, but Nantucket was always the unchecked box on the bucket list.

Nantucket Island is one of those places that sticks with you after you leave. The island’s distinct composition paired with an exceptionally friendly set of locals resonates in your heart, leaving you feeling like you were just somewhere that is unlike anywhere else.

The second we stepped off the ferry and onto that fabled cobblestone Main Street, we knew this was the place to be. Nantucket is not only beautiful, but it’s rich in history and FOOD. So much good food. Fast forward to a few more visits, we ended up putting down roots on the island and never looked back.

Nantucket is small. In fact, it’s the only plot of land that stands to be recognized as an island, county and town all in one. It’s small enough that they didn’t allow cars on-island until 1918, so residents mostly got around on foot or bikes. And the name Nantucket itself roughly translates to “Faraway Land.”

Something I’ve come to appreciate is the freshness of this island. The produce is grown locally at farms like Bartlett’s. The fish is caught and eaten all in the same day. And the water is sourced from an aquifer forged from glaciers thousands of years ago. 

Nantucket was originally inhabited by Native Americans and the names of its neighborhoods reflect that: Madaket, Siasconset, Monomoy, Pocomo, Wauwinet, Quidnet, Miacomet and more. And the island’s popular nickname “ACK” comes from the official call letters given to Nantucket Airport by the Federal Aviation Administration.


The rest of this article may read as a “Nantucket Food Guide”… but what better way to experience a destination than through its foods? 

I’ll quickly give you my must hit list: 

The Pearl - owned by a husband and wife duo that have travelled all over the world and have mastered the art of combining unique and unexpected flavors.

Cru - You know those fun restaurants you love to drink at even though the food is just decent? Cru is not one of them. They have a lively atmosphere with great cocktails and dishes you actually want to eat.

The Boarding House - This has the same owners as The Pearl but they consider this restaurant their ode to Nantucket, with a menu geared more toward classic comfort foods.

Nantucket Meat & Fish Market - if you’re having dinner at home and need some items to throw on the grill, this market is as fresh as it gets. Their lobster salad (extra claws) and sesame crusted tuna steaks are unbiasedly my all-time favorites.
Millie’s - Your destination for a casual Baja-style lunch with fish tacos, tuna poké and a dark & stormy cocktail or two. Millie’s is also a great excuse to head to Madaket and watch the surfers or stay for a sunset on the beach.
Oath Craft Pizza - Before you hop back on the ferry, grab a personal pie from Oath Craft, you won’t regret it. And don't sleep on the gluten free options!m
Cisco Brewers - Live music, tastings, craft beer, wine and liquor and all the delicious food trucks you could ever need.
Dune - This is an upscale restaurant in town with a nice outdoor patio great for date night.
Rose & Crown - You will drink one too many Grey Lady beers, you will end up singing Shania Twain karaoke on stage and you will eat a big plate of the best wings around. It will happen, I don’t make the rules.
I’m grateful for Nantucket. I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had on this island as a child, and now as a young-adult. And I look forward to making more memories here as I get older and someday have my own children (eventually!)