Smoky Mac and Cheese
"✨NEW MAGICAL CHZ ✨This Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese was the one swimming with lusciousness in my stories earlier today + you do not wanna miss it! 😍 Smoked Gouda + Smoked Cheddar get melted down in a garlic-y bechamel sauce that might have made me cry... and it’s not just pregnancy hormones, i swear 😂🤰💕 (Not sponsored but I used the @redapplecheese + it was amazing!)"
-- @grilledcheesesocial
Recipe Intro From grilledcheesesocial
If I wasn't already salivating over the smokiness of two smoked cheeses in this dish, the garlicky bechamel would have put me over the edge! Plus that golden crust on top is the icing on the cake...or the crust on the mac? Can we change that saying now?