Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Workshop

with SunSpire



Chocolate Chip Cookie Workshop

Creating the Ultimate Cookie with SunSpire® Chocolate

Article by Allison Hudson
Photography by Clay Williams

"If you’re going to eat a cookie, eat a cookie”.  Pushing that mantra a bit farther, The Feedfeed Test Kitchen went on a  quest for the Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie, in partnership with SunSpire® Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate, and took that into a real-life event with our NYC community.  Our cookie exploration started with the choice of chocolate, using the indulgent SunSpire® Chocolate Chunks and SunSpire® Bittersweet Chocolate Chips.  We chose to use browned butter, and pan-toasted spelt flour for its  nutty quality.  The secret ingredient in our recipe?  Coarsely ground coffee, which gave the cookies a notable richness. 
See the full recipe with our baking notes here.

Feedfeed's Brown Butter Spelt Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Photo by TheFeedfeed
We couldn’t keep all this deliciousness to ourselves of course, and wanted to invite some baking experts from the #feedfeed community to weigh in on what makes the best Chocolate Chip Cookies.  We opened up the Best Ever Cookie concept to our NY-based community, hosting a night of baking and taste-testing at FeedfeedBrooklyn.  Cookie aces Rebecca Firth (aka @displacedhousewife) and Erin Clark (of @cloudykitchen) we called on to help us in the pursuit of the Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Rebecca’s soft and chewy Creme Fraiche Chocolate Chunk Cookies had a moist and tangy quality, and Erin’s crunchy Brown Butter Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cookies surprised and delighted with a deceptively easy 
Top: Rebecca’s soft and chewy Creme Fraiche Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Photo by Rebecca Firth) 
Bottom: Erin’s crunchy Brown Butter Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Photo by Erin Clarkson) 
On a chilly night in November, members of the Feedfeed community gathered to taste the trio of cookies for themselves, considering each version while trying to pin down what indeed is the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie ever.  After a warming dinner and SunSpire Chocolate Hot Cocoa Bar, guests were treated to an all-star panel of baking experts.  Led by our own Kevin Masse, Erin and Rebecca were joined by Zoe Francois of @zoebakes and Jessie Sheehan of @jessiesheehanbakes for a fun and engaging conversation around all things cookies and what it means to be a baker.  Our favorite takeaway was the advice from the panelists who by all means experiment and play, and don’t worry if every batch isn’t perfect, especially on the first pass.
Following the conversational panel, guests, panelists, Feedfeed team members and our partners from SunSpire all got into the act, creating Erin and Rebecca’s dough from scratch to practice baking techniques, work with SunSpire Chocolate and look behind the scenes at what goes into what are indeed some of the best Chocolate Chip cookies we have ever tasted.  
Everyone went home with both doughs toted in insulated packs, creating the opportunity for guests to experience both bakers’ cookies straight from the oven. As for the *Best* chocolate chip cookie of the lot? We hope you’ll give them a try, and let us know what you think!

Thank you to SunSpire® Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate for sponsoring the Best Ever Cookie Event, and as always, a thank you to our studio sponsors, Room & Board, Bonterra Organic Vineyards,  Health-Ade, Sir Kensington’s, Gotham Greens, Fairway Market and Simply Organic for making this an extra-awesome event.