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Asha Shiv
Mom. Blogger. Love creating fancy recipes yet keeping it simple, fresh and easy.

Oven Roasted Portobello Mushrooms - Toaster Tuesdays

in partnership with Eric Ripert
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Peach And Mango Vodka Pop
Midweek cocktail. Mango and peach margarita frozen pops topped with sparkling wine and a dash of vodka. Guys try it for your next summer party, I promise it's going to be a hit, a cocktail and dessert in one. So good with @masterofmixes_ mixes.
Coconut Almond Raspberry Ice Pops With Chocolate Drizzle
Coconut-Almond milk raspberry pops. Pospsicle week is coming to an end and so is our stash. I used agave nectar as sweetener from @masterofmixes_ for these health-ish treats. So good. Happy Canada Day to friends up north!!!
Loaded Leek And Potato Hash Mexican Frittata
Loaded Mexican Frittata with leeks and potato hash, with tortilla chips in the middle. Impress mom with this 'party in a skillet' meal, and let her chose which part of the slice she wants.
Roasted Garlic, Onion And Jalapeno Relish
Roasted garlic with onion Relish in pickling spices. The multi purpose Relish. Top it on your favorite burgers, sandwiches, or like how we love, on thin slices of french bread with goat cheese.
Garlicky Spicy Egg Fry
Garlicky Spicy Egg fry. Onion-tomato-tons of garlic-chili powder-curry leaves a.k.a mutte poriyal. Few ingredients, but oh so good. With chapathi or top it on some buttery crispy bread, yum!!
Kung Pao Cauliflower
Kung-Pao Cauliflower, meatless meal can be so much fun. Are you team cauliflower? If not, this will change your mind. I've been making this for few years, from @eatgoodforlife blog and I love it. She's one of few bloggers I've known for years, who's crazy creative and she's got some amazing recipes.