Bellini Cobbler
"The local grocery store has peaches and strawberries on sale and I feel like it’s the LAST. GASP. OF. SUMMER. 🌞 I’ve been back in San Francisco for about a month after galavanting all over Australia. (<- that wasn’t bragging, that was me just trying to organically sneak in the word “galavanting” in a super casual way) 🌞 And though I miss being “down under” I’m happy that I was able to get back home and experience the last of California summer produce. 🍓🍑 And that meant revisiting my Bellini Cobbler with Strawberry Biscuits that I recently shared on my blog! A Bellini is a classic Italian cocktail made from sparkling Prosecco wine and peach purée. I took inspiration from that, made a Prosecco peach filling for the cobbler and then turned it up a notch by adding strawberries into the cobbler biscuit topping."
-- @eatthelove