Mung Bean Porridge With Coconut Milk

"Mung bean porridge with coconut milk. Indonesian dessert which can served either warm or cold. Mung bean are source of high nutrients like potassium, fiber, vitamin B and protein. It also has low glycemic index making them a smart food choice for people with diabetic and obesity condition. #feedfeed "
-- @dian86

1 cup of mung bean
4 cups of water
3 pandan leaves
Brown sugar, to taste
1 tsp cinnamon
2 cups of coconut milk, heated
Jackfruit, diced, optional

Cook the mungbean and water using slow cooker, on medium heat, for 6 hours until the beans soften. Add the pandan leaves on the last 1 hour. If you prefer it mushier, you can cook it with a pressure cooker again for about 10 minutes. Add brown sugar and cinnamon.

Serve beans with a drizzle of coconut milk and top with jackfruit.