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Watermelon Agua Fresca Keg

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Rosemary Cherry Lime Crush
Rosemary Cherry Crush. A Tequila cocktail with rosemary, lime and cherry preserves. Preserves are a great way to enjoy cocktails with fruits not in season!
Peach Bourbon Smash
Bourbon and Peach Jam Smash. Perfect transition from summer to fall with this cocktail that blends peaches and bourbon. Preserves are an easy and delicious addition to your cocktail making repertoire!
Bourbon Hot Fudge Milkshake. Need I say more? . . #bourbon#hotfudge#milkshake#chocolate#dessert . . . . Get the Recipe ->>
Pecan Sticky buns made with Puff Pastry. Forget half a day to make yeast rolls..these are quick and delicious. It doesn't hurt that they're topped with a maple bourbon glaze either! #pecan #sticky #buns #maple #bourbon . . . Get the Recipe->>
Watermelon Frosé - This icy combination of frozen watermelon, lime juice, and chilled Rosé wine is a cold and refreshing libation to beat the summer heat. #watermelon #rosé #wine #summer #frozen . . . Get the Recipe -->
This month's #ProgressiveEats is all about summer herbs with recipes from cocktails to dessert. My contribution are these Rosemary Lemon Shortbread Cookies. Fresh rosemary and lemon zest are in the cookies which are topped with a lemon glaze. Completely addictive! #rosemary #lemon #shortbread #cookies #herbs . . . Get the Recipe:
This Watermekon Margarita is one of my all time favorites. The cocktail is easy to make but getting a great watermelon is key so now is THE time to try one! I add some strawberries too; they re a nice flavor boost. Perfect for summer...go now and get a great melon and make a batch for this weekend, your friends will thank you. #watermelon #margarita #strawberries #ontheblog . . . Get the Recipe: