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How to Supreme an Orange

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Healthy Orange Chicken With Sesame Cauliflower Fried Rice
| o r a n g e c h i c k e n | was craving the undeniably delicious (but nutritionally tragic) #orangechicken, so took matters into my own hands and made a healthier redux for a clean dinner at home: orange chicken and "fried rice" - made with freshly picked #ortegaridgeranch satsumas, crispy/crunchy pan-fried organic chicken breast, and cauliflower "rice" tossed with sweet peas, green onions, and fluffy fried #freerange egg. so tasty, much healthy!
Coconut Oil Seared Salmon Over A Coconut-jalapeño Cauliflower "rice" And…
| supper in a f l a s h | a light and springy 20-minute (seriously!) supper, today coconut oil seared salmon over a coconut-jalapeño cauliflower "rice" and asparagus sauté. it's gluten free, dairy free, and easy to make with a flip flopping and rolling 4 month old on the loose! Needless to say it'll be in heavy rotation from here on forward in our kitchen
| c h o c o l a t e 🍪 c h i p p e d | "chewy gooey crispy crunchy" #chocolatechipcookies a la alice medrich, topped with flakey #maldonsalt and stuffed with chopped salted almonds, coconut, and three types of chocolate chunks, because: we made it to wednesday, and why not try my hardest to fail this upcoming glucose test, amiright? #pregnancycravings #28weekspregnant
| t o m a t o 🍅 t o w e r | made a(nother) batch of jammy roasted garden ratatouille tonight, and there are still hundreds (yes, srsly) of these sweet lil babes spilling over the bed walls. this weekends work: roasted cherry tomato sauce for canning + perking up a chilly winter evening 🔥
| f r i d a y 🥐 f o u r | gangs all here! because when you're pregnant and you visit your most favorite French bakery, you don't have to choose just one. or at least that's today's mantra 🤷🏼‍♀️ clockwise: #kouignamann , #chocolatecroissant , #almondcroissant , #cinnamonroll
| l a z y • l u n c h | im typically so ravenous by the time lunch rolls around ill reach for a n y t h i n g (a moment of silence please for all the half eaten toddler grilled cheese sandwiches ive scarfed 🙄), but this 2 minute super healthy lunch idea has been on repeat at nap time 'round these parts: crisp romaine "boats" layered with a generous spoonful of smokey baba ganoush, a half-slice-each of havarti cheese, sliced @wholefoods house-roasted turkey breast, and crunchy (salted + roasted) sunflower seeds. oh, and a drizzle of spicy mustard, because #pregnancycravings at 26 weeks dictate everything is better with spicy mustard 🤷🏼‍♀️ simple, satisfying, and zero dish cleanup 💥💥💥
| s u m m e r s 🍆 s u p p e r | a huge plate of from-the-veggie garden roasted "ratatouille-ish" for sundays supper: homegrown heirlooms and cherry tomatoes roasted with a whole mess of garlic till burst, blistered, and jammy, then tossed with roasted garden red bells, eggplant, and red onion. fresh basil, red wine vinegar, and toasted pine nuts stirred in to finish, and a (heaping) pile of crumbled fresh cheve and cous cous make it feel just like late august ✨
| m a m a s 🌱 g r e e n | 2 times in 2 days must mean i got a maje crush on this joint! vegan coconut thai hummus wrap all wrapped up in a collard green leaf, and an almond/banana/date/cinnamon/maca smoothie on the side! #23weekspregnant #intuitiveeating #ahjuiceorganics
| 🍔 & 🍟 | i haven't been craving or eating too much red meat this second pregnancy, but hot damn sometimes a good ole american burger + fries just scratches an itch 💥this one is "the montecito," topped with griddled goat cheese + bourbon glazed mushrooms + a big fat onion ring + truffle aioli + arugula + grilled onions. bravo, @mesaverdesb! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
| b e a r y ❤️💛💚💙💜 g o o d | you guys. did you know that you can totally DIY your own super healthy gummy bears?! these bouncy little babies are made up entirely of organic cold-pressed juice and grass fed @vitalproteins beef collagen, and pack tons of heath benefits (hello strong nails and shiny hair) in addition to tasting awesome and being so fun to make + eat. to say these "candies" were a hit with the babe is a massive understatement! recipe up today on le blog (find it via the link in my profile 👆🏼on the front page, or search "gummy"!)