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Cranberry Pistachio Cheese Ball

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| v i b r a n t 🌱 v e g a n | a colorful plate of all the things: coconut oil roasted sweet potato rounds topped with a bell pepper, red onion, and tofu scramble with quick pickled red onion, fresh cilantro, and an insanely addictive chipotle cashew cream ❤️ #poweredbyplants
| b u r g e r ???? b l i s s | i mean if you’re gonna do it right. amiright? the burger at #paradisepantry is ???? ! (Saturday splurge courtesy of @arocca_brait !)
| e l e c t r i c 💕 a v e n u e | sipping a life-giving late morning smoothie while nursing my tiniest love and strategizing exactly how to remove all the electric pink splatters from my almost-2-year old’s favorite shirt 🤦🏼‍♀️! here: 1 frozen banana blitzed with 1/2 cup frozen coconut chunks, 1/2 cup #pitaya (aka #dragonfruit - we grew this one here on the farm!), 2Tbsp hemp hearts, and 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (plus a glug or two more to loosen, if needed). topped with #chiaseeds and shredded coconut 🥥. makes enough for ✌🏻smoothies!
l u c k e d ? o u t ? l u n c h | we’re still totally and completely sacked in (zero power, literally cannot drive off of our street, helicopters buzzing overhead), there are about six size 4 diapers left (unintentional potty training boot camp, me thinks?!), and the lunch prognosis was looking dire, but then I spied the last filets of #kenairiver salmon (thanks to the fishing skills of @colestyron) in the (shockingly) still freezing-freezer, and all hope was restored. here: seasoned aggressively with s+p, smoked paprika, and a bit of cayenne, seared in coconut oil, + served over kale massaged with fresh lemon ? (because we gotta endless supply of those!), cubed avo ? (those too!), and some olive oil. we might be climbing the walls but with full and happy bellies ?? #montecitomudslide #montecito
Healthy Orange Chicken With Sesame Cauliflower Fried Rice
| o r a n g e c h i c k e n | was craving the undeniably delicious (but nutritionally tragic) #orangechicken, so took matters into my own hands and made a healthier redux for a clean dinner at home: orange chicken and "fried rice" - made with freshly picked #ortegaridgeranch satsumas, crispy/crunchy pan-fried organic chicken breast, and cauliflower "rice" tossed with sweet peas, green onions, and fluffy fried #freerange egg. so tasty, much healthy!
Coconut Oil Seared Salmon Over A Coconut-jalapeño Cauliflower "rice" And…
| supper in a f l a s h | a light and springy 20-minute (seriously!) supper, today coconut oil seared salmon over a coconut-jalapeño cauliflower "rice" and asparagus sauté. it's gluten free, dairy free, and easy to make with a flip flopping and rolling 4 month old on the loose! Needless to say it'll be in heavy rotation from here on forward in our kitchen
| If you look the right way, you can see that the whole 🌎 w o r l d is a 🌸 g a r d e n | ornamental kale giving me the warm n’ fuzzies at the #santabarbarafarmersmarket this morning 🌟
| h a p p y 🌱 h o u r | last nights hh #veganized and made #healthyish: sunflower seed and tahini “pate,” cashew “cheese,” and the usual suspects of crudités, crackers, fruit, + nuts. #poweredbyplants
| l a z y 🌻 l u n c h | saturday lunch-y things: shredded kale (scrunched with lemon juice + olive oil), charred cauliflower, a helluvalotta fresh mint + cilantro, dried red currants, and sunflower seeds. #poweredbyplants
| w a r m 🤗 h u g | im solo with the chicklets for a few days, and #mealprepsunday was definitely in order yesterday to make sure i had some healthy options ready to go this week (and so i don’t resort to half-eaten-kinda-slobbery-pb+js!). this soup is all kinds of 🙌🏼: silky curried red kuri squash and coconut bisque with crispy chickpeas, cilantro, and a big dollop of homemade cashew “cheese.” being excited about lunchtime isn’t a regular occurrence here, but with a HUGE pot of this ready to go i was counting down the minutes! OH - it’s #vegan, #glutenfree, and all kinds of tasty to boot! **recipe in stories!**