Fig Ricotta Toast

"Pardon what it seems like a fig obsession but really isn't just cause they were on sale (how often do you see fresh figs at palatable prices in Singapore?!) These were put together in a ridiculously short amount of time - toast some bread (preferably the non-artisanal kind since you probably spent a bomb on the figs), spread on ricotta cheese, fresh figs, then do a flashy razzle-dazzle drizzle of honey and pistachio shower like a wannabe superstar chef. Oh yes breakfast MADE"
-- @cherylishungry

Recipe Intro From cherylishungry

Fresh figs on cheesy toast always look dramatic, adding pistachios and honey only makes it all the more sensual.


choice of bread, toasted

ricotta cheese

fresh figs, sliced


chopped pistachios



Spread a slice of toast with the ricotta choice. Top with figs, and drizzle with honey and chopped pistachios. Enjoy!