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Rakhee Yadav
Rotterdam, The Netherlands & New Delhi, India
Lover of delicious, vegetarian comfort food. Food stylist and Photographer.

Savory Cheddar & Chive Whole Wheat Waffles

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My Recipes
Dal Rice
Did you know that I come from a line of people that are directly related to Lord Krishna?! He is my favorite figure because of who he was. He always wanted to be revered as a friend and not a god. One of his teachings say to follow your inner compass. It is one of the biggest things I rely on, to listen to my inner voice, to trust my instincts. It has helped me countlessly and has taught me that spirituality lies inside us all. Therefore I am calling this bowl, the Krishna bowl. I believe Krishna was a vegetarian and believed in not taking a life if you couldn't give life. Such a beautiful sentiment isn't it? See here, massaged purple kale, beetroot, avocado, lentil rice, blood orange, cucumber, red onion with a turmeric coconut yoghurt sauce. Thank you to everyone for their wonderful suggestions on what to do with my huge batch of kale!
Green Beans With Cumin
I make these French/green beans like my mom used to. They are so simple to make and so delicious and healthy. This is one Indian dish that takes 15 - 20 minutes to make!
Crispy Baked Okra With Yellow Lentil Soup
My favorite food has and will always be Indian food. I'm becoming more and more adventurous with food but my go to comfort food is always from back home. I'm sure it's that way for a lot of you as well. The sweet smell of home. Growing up I still remember walking into our house and smelling the fragrance of this arhar dal/toor dal/yellow lentils. My absolute favorite. If served with my favorite okra (fried in this case) I would do anything for you! This curry platter is also my offering for Niki's @rebelrecipes #rebelcurryclub. What a fantastic idea my very talented friend. Have a spicy day igers!
Bruschetta With Cilantro Lime Chutney
By now all of you know that I am obsessed with paneer! Well here's my lunch from today, a paneer bruschetta with a mint cilantro chutney! It was just delicious and honestly I ate a ton of it. Happy Monday igers, be healthy!!!
Decadent Chocolate Birthday Cake
It's been way too long since I made cake. That changed today! Here is the most decadent chocolate cake ever! Half was literally gone in minutes.
Carrot Cake With Masala Chai
It's Friday and I have decided to be prolific on Instagram! So you'll be seeing a lot of me here today. and some fridays I just cannot let go by without cake. And this cake my lord is the king of all fall cakes. A moist melt in mouth masala chai carrot cake stuffed with coconut and chai infused pecans! The frosting is created with mascarpone. Surely you don't need much more?
Spinach, Ginger, And Green Apple Juice
Normally I'm that person that can't sit still. Not the last times. The last couple of weeks I have felt lethargic and slow. Now this gorgeous green potion has helped me lately and is on the blog now. It is made with green apples and spinach with ginger and a pinch of my favorite spice, the turmeric. So why not begin this weekend with something healthy and delicious? Happy Friday folks!
Paneer Pear Pie With Ginger Crust
And here is that baked Pear Paneer Pie! Yes paneer! And why not paneer right? It gave that lovely creaminess to the pie along with the saunth/ginger and the lovely crunchy walnuts. A perfect fall pie! Why not try baking it this weekend! Happy Saturday everyone!
Green Pea Soup With Chutney
Another shot of that amazingly delicious green pea soup with chutney swirled in. Perfect for any time of the year. Happy Monday folks! ????? #peas #soup #peasoup #lunch #lunchtime #legumes #healthy #healthyfood #healthyeats #vegan #veganfood #veganfoodshare #rotterdam #huffposttaste #buzzfeedfood #indian #india #mumbai #sodelhi #indiadiaries
Two Bean And Rice Salad
This two bean salad is so easy to make and has a bhelpuri version as well! Use any 2 beans of your choice and make this gorgeous spicy orange tahini dressing to go along and you will take your lunch to the next level! It has blackberries and wild rice! So so yummy and completely vegan! Happy Tuesday!!!