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Milk Buns With Japanese Furikake
Furikake milk bread buns/rolls have a crunchy top from the furikake and a pillow-soft interior due to the "tangzhong" water-roux method. Furikake is a Japanese seasoning usually paired with rice or vegetables, and there is a wide variety but my favorite is nori and sesame seeds, and that's what I used here!! I use it frequently (like in my miso oatmeal), so it seemed natural to top bread with it as well.
Japanese Style Curry With Mushrooms And Sweet Potatoes
my mom used to always have blocks of Japanese curry in the fridge (does anyone know what I'm talking about??), ready to make any broth base into a delicious Japanese-style curry. Well that curry is actually super easy to make at home (and then you can customize it and do anything you want to it!!) - the secret is a spiced dark roux that gives soooo much flavor to any base broth. I made a mushroom and sweet potato japanese-style curry and it could be your dinner!!!
Savory Miso Oatmeal With Salted Pepitas And Poached Egg
This has literally been on repeat since I’ve been back in Boston. We photographed an awesome NYE wedding (and in this case, the west coast to east coast jetlag helped us tremendously!) but I almost immediately fell under the weather, and nothing was more nourishing than a bowl of savory miso oatmeal in the morning. Warm, cozy, delicious.Cheers! Hope 2017 has been treating you well so far. (Bowl from @lookslikewhite)
Ginger Citrus Upside Down Cake With Mascarpone Cream
Happy holiday craze week! I can’t believe I’m going home to CA tomorrow!!! Projects to wrap up, mad packing, emails (always the emails) and tidying up the place for our absence - today is going to be insane, especially with this cold I haven’t yet managed to kick (ugh). In the meantime, here’s a peek for one of my last posts of 2016, coming your way this week! Also, many thanks for all the love for the babka! It makes me so happy to see you give it a try - thank you!!!
Homemade Dumplings
While everyone else is prepping for Thanksgiving, I’ll be holed up studying for my exam on Wednesday . For the past few years, I’ve hosted (for large and small groups), so this year Alex and I are taking it easy - embracing our introvert side and just making dumplings together, our ultimate comfort go-to. Making dumplings has always been a special experience for me - it’s not really about the end product (though they’re delicious), but more about the communal making of it - families gathered around a table forming dumplings. I remember when I was a child, trying to “help” but actually making fake dumplings - ones with no filling and just pockets of air . Yup, I was that kid… what about you?? Any thanksgiving plans ?
Kimchi Fried Rice
Happy Friday! The recipe for kimchi fried rice, with the freshest scallion salad, is on the blog (link in profile), from Julia’s @turshen 's gorgeous #smallvictoriescookbook (beautiful photos by @gentlandhyers). I’m excited to be joining Julia and a bunch of awesome bloggers for her @nokidhungry Friendsgiving campaign. Sometimes, we all need some small victories, and this cookbook is one of the most uplifting and positive ones I’ve read. Head on over to see more information about how to contribute to this campaign. #nokidhungry
Scallion Challah
To make today: another batch of fluffy pillow soft scallion pancake challah. This is becoming a regular over here. what're you making (if anything?). I haven't really gotten into the halloween thing this year, but I do enjoy binge watching halloween movies (like hocus pocus!) and seeing all the costumes people come up with. Did / are you dressing up? Or are you more of a bystander, like me?
Spiced Baked Cheese With Pumpkin Pear Butter
The epic day is here!! #Virtualpumpkinparty 2016 is happening RIGHT NOW. I'm sharing a pumpkin pear butter melted into @VermontCreamery's new St. Albans aged cow cheese, topped with 5-spice maple roasted pumpkin seeds!! A perfect combination of savory and sweet, and baked, this cheese becomes super silky and smooth... like a fondue :)