Chickpea Apple Cake

"Madeira cake anyone? With my CHICK PEA APPLE CAKE just add lemon zest and ice with a lemon drizzle icing and Ta-dah! The perfect tea cake to share with friends over a cuppa (you know who you are lovely ladies!) These clear, warm autumn days are perfect for picnicking with friends. Anyone up for a picnic?"
-- @birdseedtweet

Recipe Intro From birdseedtweet

A delicious, protein-packed, low-glycemic tea time treat for mums and kids!
Ingredients 200g chick pea flour 125g tapioca 125g rice flour 3 tsp baking powder 1 tsp bi-carb soda 1/3 tsp salt 220g agave sugar (or caster or coconut sugar) 250g stewed apples 200g olive oil 220 -250g rice mylk 1 tbsp vanilla 1 tsp vinegar Method Mix together all ingredients (make sure ingredients are at room temp). Pour into prepared tin or into muffin papers. If you want to add choc to cake, put half mix in add chocolate bits, then pour in rest of batter. Bake 180°C/350°F until cooked (skewer comes out clean). Enjoy!!