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Penguins, prepared for the freezing cold! Bundle up, people. Or .... stay home ?? This batch went to Florida... for real. ?
How much coffee it’s gonna take to get me through the day. And lipstick. ?☕️?
What’s black and white and has a red vest? Penguins, the @thefeedfeed logo and Bobble Head Bob @bobsredmill ?
Penguin Sugar Cookies
I’m so excited for my cookie decorating workshop at the #feedfeed cookie swap tomorrow! Loved partnering with @bobsredmill and @thefeedfeed on this fun holiday event. ?❄️? #bobsredmill
I hope eating these gingerbread poses makes up for the class I missed this morning.? Both the cookies and the icing are vegan! - the icing just takes a little longer to dry than traditional royal icing. Posting Icing recipe from my book in my stories.
Its the Friday before Thanksgiving, so naturally we’re thinking root vegetables. I used all plant based powders to color my icing for these veggie cookies. Thanks to @thefeedfeed for the freeze dried strawberries, blueberries and raspberries that I ground into a powder. I also used turmeric and matcha and some store bought natural orange color. Plant based color can dry spotty and the colors can fade like they do in nature ? And they can add great flavor too!
Made these life-size chicken and waffle COOKIES for an AMEX ad. What a fun shoot! Will link to ad soon. ?