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Ashley Neese
Los Angeles, CA
Helping people find their path to wellness is my greatest passion.

Pineapple Beer Cocktail with Pink Peppercorn Simple Syrup

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Avocado Face Mask
HOLISTIC BEAUTY || I am excited to share the first recipe in a new series today! Holistic Beauty is a collection of my go-to recipes and practices that will help you shine brighter from the inside out. I'm kicking this series off with a delicious Avocado Face Mask to nourish winter skin. This gentle mask brightens, exfoliates, and hydrates even the most delicate face. It is super easy and fun to make. Enjoy my beauties. Here's to shining bright this year! xo ? @asamiphotography
Probiotic Smoothie Bowl
PROBIOTIC SMOOTHIE BOWL || Jumping on the smoothie bowl train today and sharing a delicious recipe that is a perfect summer snack. Instead of using frozen banana for the creamy texture I used my homemade coconut yogurt and some skin beautifying tocos from my friends at @sunpotion. This gorgeous smoothie bowl is super easy to make and is a wonderful way to slow down and take good care of yourself. Sending love to all of you today! xo
Adrenal Tonic
ADRENAL TONIC || My latest recipe collaboration with my friends at @sunpotion is up on @thechalkboardmag today! This nourishing recipe helps balance the body and mind with some of my favorite healing herbs. Great for reducing stress, curbing sugar cravings and bringing a sense of ease and joy into your heart.
Watermelon Agua Fresca
SUMMER MEDICINE || Just made this refreshing watermelon agua fresca for a friend. We're hanging out on our new porch (pics soon!). Watermelon is a great medicinal food for clearing heat and staying hydrated during these intense summer days. Watermelon also has a very soothing effect on our spirit and helps relieve restlessness and worry. If you have a weak digestion enjoy watermelon sparingly! This will be your new go-to summer refresher. Three cheers for staying cool and enjoying the sunshine! xo
Chlorella Ice Cream
CHLORELLA ICE CREAM || Excited to announce that my latest plant based ice cream recipe is up on @thechalkboardmag today! I partnered with @sunpotion and created a cooling treat loaded with nourishing coconut, fresh mint and their super potent chlorella, a mild fresh water algae which activates the brain and boosts immunity. And if that wasn’t amazing enough, this perfect summer treat contains zero added sugar! You will love this. Trust me. xo
Summer Smoothies
SUMMER SMOOTHIES || Today over on @fvonf I'm sharing three new delicious smoothies to keep you nourished and refreshed all summer long! We're discussing everything from aloe to brazil nuts to chlorella from my friends over at @sunpotion. Can't wait for you to try these recipes! Thanks to @individualmedleystore for their gorgeous wares and @thrivemarket for supplying a few key ingredients. Beautiful photos by @zenriphotography. Happy smoothie making! xo
Dried Fruit & Seed Granola Bars
POWER SNACKS || Made a batch of granola bars last night to take over to our new house today. We got the green light that we can start unpacking! So excited! These bars are loaded with super seeds, healthy fats and a sprinkle or orange zest to brighten the flavor. This recipe is a hit with kids too, they love getting their hands sticky putting them together. Wishing you a wonderful morning!
Carrot, Apple, Ginger & Sweet Potato Juice
NOURISHING SUMMER JUICE || I’m back from an epic solstice adventure in the desert and excited to share a new recipe with you this morning. Summer is an ideal time to drink your veggies, especially on days when it’s just too hot to think about turning on the oven. Fresh juices are a rich source of vitamins and minerals and are great to enjoy as a snack. My Nourishing Summer Juice is loaded with countless phytonutrients that are deeply mineralizing and it is a serious blood builder and mood stabilizer. I love recommending this recipe to my pregnant and nursing clients because it is so healing and restorative to the body. I also suggest it to women wanting to conceive during their ovulatory phase because the high antioxidant content is excellent for supporting ovaries to create healthy eggs. During the luteal phase Nourishing Summer Juice help reduce sugar cravings and relieve premenstrual symptoms. Often times women crave sugar during the luteal phase and enjoying a sweet and nutrient boosting juice is a supportive choice for the body. Happy Wednesday!
Broccoli Spinach Soup With Sweet Basil Puree
BROCCOLI SOUP WITH SWEET BASIL PUREE || I’m back on a soup kick. It’s one of my favorite ways to load up on veggies and during the week quick meal prep is a must. As we transition into summer lighter meals are often on the menu, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t supportive for the body. The healing base for this soup is bone broth with bumps up the nutritional value, infusing it with grounding energy. Staying rooted, especially in warmer months is really important for our well being. You can enjoy this soup slightly warm or at room temperature so you don’t overheat! My crazy easy basil puree adds a host of medicinal properties to this nutrient rich soup and is so tasty on pretty much everything. It’s a staple in our house and I have a feeling it will become one in yours too. xo