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Oat And Amaranth Bowls
Craving a big bowl of rolled oats and amaranth topped with blackberries, buckwheat groats, chocolate cacao nibs, pomegranates, hemp and flax seeds and these AMAZING blood oranges from my friends ranch in Ojai CA! Drizzle with cinnamon + nutmeg agave. Thanks for the oranges @pippasprintshop! They are super tasty!
Mangosteen, mangos, dragon fruit, coconuts and apple bananas! ✨Some of my favorite fruit! Happy Friday friends ✌🏻
Snacking on grapefruit, Honey Punch and Flavor King pluots (plum/apricots) They are the flavor of summer in my book.
A summer dinner hosted by the beautiful @bubbajoy. A seafood boil at its finest! We love the Ryan's and their food 😂😍
Veggie bowl with micro greens snow pea shoots, radish sprouts, sweet pea sprouts, broccoli, peas, corn, spicy kimchi, avocado 🥑 with sesame seeds and a dollop of @kitehillfoods chive cashew cheese. Mix and mash it up! Best flavor combo 😋
Sometimes you just want something reminiscent of autumn in the middle of summer! We couldn't sleep last night so we took a walk around Balboa at 11:00pm. We talked about the months to come and all the things we're looking forward to. Today's breakfast - a bowl of whipped cinnamon agave sweet potatoes with ashwagandha, berries, almonds, pepitas, strawberry Greek yogurt and @larabar drizzled with @maranathanutbutters caramel and dark chocolate almond butter. 😱🍁🍂Dreaming of Autumn, foggy mornings and chilly nights in a bowl.
More market finds this Saturday morning. Valencia oranges, pluots, celery, rye, sourdough, micro-greens, grapefruit, cilantro, parsley, guacamole, tomatoes and a cinnamon bun croissant from @frogsbakery 😉😬☕️ Fun random fact of the morning: the man selling oranges told us that Valencia oranges are best for juicing and you can freeze Valencia juice for up to 1 year and it won't lose any of its flavor or nutritional value🍊. On the other hand Naval orange juice should be consumed within 30 minutes of juicing, because of a naturally occurring enzyme that will turn your juice bitter when it mixes with air + naval oj won't freeze well. Hmmm fun fact...or nice sales tactic 😂😆. Sold! #jeanluclabat