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Decorative Apple And Blackberry Pie
It’s been tooooo long since we’ve had a pie off - so let’s go for it, left vs right! Flower cut out (I think this needs a better name!) vs ‘spider web’ lattice.
Glazed Chocolate Doughnuts
These donuts oh myyyy! I've never really perfected the whole glazed donut thing so I thought I would try one of my cake glaze recipes on a donut and it was amazing. I am going to devour them all!
Chocolate Meringue Brownies
Now thatttt is a brownie! My mums gooey brownie recipe topped with a mound of swirly toasted Italian meringue! Seriously though, swirling meringue with a spatula then blow torching it has to be one of my favourite things everrrr!
Watermelon Ice Pops
Summer vibessss! Watermelon Popsicles:The top layer is blitzed watermelon with a little bit of lemon. The white layer is sweetened coconut milk and finally the green is kiwi. I added a few chocolate chips into the watermelon layer so that they looked like little seeds!
Passionfruit Meringue Tarts
I can't even describe in words how tasty this passionfruit tart was! I tried to embrace my inner @cedricgrolet with a little 'winged' meringue for decoration but I haven't quite perfected it
Orange Flourless Chocolate Cake
Serious chocolate overload today - this is a flourless chocolate orange cake. I popped this in the fridge after it cooled and it turned into this gooey sensation - I'm going to eat the whollllleeee thing! Recipe is from the @marthastewart site.
Honey Oat Loaf
Isn't this sooo satisfying?! Slashing bread is the best - it's like jumping on a huge sheet of bubble wrap! This is a wholewheat honey oat loaf - and by that I mean I basically threw in some oats and poured in a little bit of honey, I had no clue what I was making!
The sharpest cake ever?! Ok so this is my first ever attempt at a cake decorating video so excuse the editing! I’d been planning a concrete cake for a while but wasn’t really sure how to do it - I thought the best way was to blend 4 different shades of grey buttercream but my buttercream was a littttttle too warm so they kind of melted together which messed up the effect. I topped it with tempered chocolate shards and a copper chocolate drip. Next time I’ll make sure my buttercream is as cold as ice!
Hey guys! My pie got into the final for @thefeedfeed home baker competition! If you have two minutes please vote for me, the link is in my bio. Here's the pie just before I popped it in the oven :) #feedfeed