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Neapolitan Nice Cream Cake

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Open wiiiide!! NEW! Bring back those ramen soup memories with this ✨EASY HOMEMADE RAMEN NOODLE SOUP!✨ As promised, due to the huge response from all of you wanting that ramen soup I posted on my FB page! So delicious, full of flavor, oil-free and healthy! Ready in 1/2 an hour! When your hubby is quiet and busy slurping, you know it’s good. My daughter said this was the best pasta of her life, lol. I knew I had a winner with this one! Recipe link in profile! #ramennoodles #homemadesoup #damndelicious #slurp #thefeedfeed
💕GIVEAWAY💕Today wouldn’t be complete without some Double Chocolate ❤️ shaped Pancakes, now would it?? I topped it with @rawmiochocolate Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and also their Chocolate hearts! I got so any questions about those hearts from my Tart posts (see posts before this) that I talked with them and they have so generously have agreed to GIVE AWAY 1 jar of their ❤️Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and 3 Bags of their hearts-mint, orange and dark!! How sweet is that! ❤️ • To Enter the GIVEAWAY: 1. LIKE this post and Follow @thevegan8 2. Follow @rawmiochocolate 3. Tag 2 friends US Only sorry! Feel free to enter as much as you like. I’ll pick a winner on Monday Feb. 19! GO!❤️❤️❤️ P.S. How cute is that towel?? Crushing hard #eatvegan #chocolateheaven #veganpancakes #doublechocolate #thefeedfeed
Because I figured you all wanted to see that amazing creamy texture inside shot😍😍 of this CHOCOLATE SWEET POTATO TART! Full tart pic before this one! Get the delicious decadent recipe in the link in my profile! Entering this into @bestofvegan #bestofveganvalentine party! #thefeedfeed #bestofvegan #chocolatelovers #creamy #decadent #chocolatedessert
The AFTER to the before pic I posted on Saturday! NEW Recipe! ❤️VEGAN CHOCOLATE SWEET POTATO TART❤️ Decadent to the max, exceptionally creamy and smooth and the ultimate dessert to wow your family and friends....and your mouth, lol. 😆 Bringing this to @bestofvegan #bestofveganvalentine party 💕💕 These Chocolate Hearts are from @rawmiochocolate !❤️ Recipe link in profile! #craving #cravingsatisfied #veganchocolate #sweetpotato #gloobyfood #thefeedfeed #veganbaker
Coming Monday......the only dessert you’ll need for next week’s special day of ❤️ 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕 be continued... #thefeedfeed #veganbaker #chocolatelovers #secretingredient #somuchchocolate
❤️CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT RASPBERRY BROWNIES❤️ These babies are Vegan, Gluten-free, Grain-free AND flour-less! Today I have Chocolate on the brain while listening to the Backstreet Boys. Am I showing my age?🤣🤣🤣Loved them back then and still do ❤️ . Anyways, it seems everybody is posting chocolate and raspberry pics, so thought I’d join in on the fun because these scream Valentines Day! This recipe is ancient but danggggg good. I wrote this recipe 5 years ago! These are incredibly decadent, rich, fudgy and so mind-blowing delicious. Give them a try! Recipe link in profile! #veganbrownies #raspberries #hazelnuts #chocolatelovers #veganbakery
I love whenever it’s a certain treat theme at my daughters school because then I get to bake her very own vegan treats! Today I made her these insane ✨Best Chocolate Chip Cookies✨ ever created. On our tastebuds anyways. She is one happy little girl. Is there ever a time that a cookie doesn’t brighten somebody’s day ???? Click link in my profile for the most popular chocolate chip cookie recipe on my blog. They are different than these above but are insanely delicious. Have a great Wednesday! #chocolatechip #ilovechocolate #chocolatechipcookies #thefeedfeed #yummytummy
BEST BROWNIES ever to pass my lips. That should be the title, lol. The most perfect texture, just like the traditional ones. These are ones from my new cookbook, (coming out this year) BUT, no need to get upset I have a ton of brownie recipes on my blog, my most popular ones are linked in my IG stories or click link in profile. But in all seriousness, for the last 2 weeks I’ve been eating extremely healthy, lots of raw greens and raw veggies and apples. I also cut out coffee. I’m feeling clearer and amazing. It’s my goal to incorporate more raw veggies in my diet. I’ve literally been eating fresh arugula straight from the bag on my car errands😂😂 I’ve just loved how all those greens are making me feel. I eat healthy, but I tend to forget about eating enough of the raw stuff, so going forward, I will keep it up. Along with that, I’ve not made any desserts in almost 2 weeks, gasp! 😮😮Only granola bars. So, I have to admit I’m REALLY craving these brownies now, haha. But for now, drooling over this pic will suffice! I’m going to make a batch this weekend though! FYI-these brownies will be in my cookbook 😜 #craving #cravingsatisfied #notreally #veganbrownies #bestbrownies #gloobyfood #thefeedfeed #veganbaker
It’s been unusually cold here in Texas, the 30’s and I’m a wimp and need lots of soup to warm up! Warming up today with a pot of one of my favorite potato soups. • Big Thank you to @forksoverknives for the feature yesterday! ❤️❤️ 🥔LOW-FAT SMOKY BROCCOLI POTATO SOUP! 🥔 Clickable link in profile! #potatoes #potatosoup #carbsarelife #imcold #thefeedfeed
Vanilla Birthday Cake Ice Cream With Sprinkles
Guys, I may have cracked the vanilla ice cream code and it's divine. I used some surprising ingredients in this but it totally helped to give that birthday cake flavor...the yukon gold potato helps give a buttery flavor and the acidity ingredients give an extra flavor and it's so creamy and delicious. Who's making this?? For this recipe I used my favorite Vegan Sprinkles from @sweetapolita! They are the best! She has so many varieties.