Paleo Delicata Squash Hot Dog
"Delicata just gave me a whole new reason to love them. I was lucky to find one skinny enough to invent a PALEO HOT DOG. look at that thing. It's redefining vegetables. I would also like to give a round of applause to @atkfoods for existing and creating this all natural, gluten free chicken andouille sausage with a LAMB casing, and then going and selling it at Costco. Bravo, really, hats off"
-- @thesweetdefeat

serves 4


4 small, skinny Delicata squashes

4 hot dogs, cooked

4 tbsp garlic oil

Salt & pepper

Ketchup and mustard, if desired


Scoop out the Delicata Squashes , pour 1 tbsp garlic oil each down the center, season with salt and pepper, then roast it at 425 until browned and softened. Insert hot dogs and top with ketchup and mustard, if desired.