How To Make Sheet Pan Halloumi with Roasted Veggies

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I still remember the first time my dad made grilled halloumi cheese. He had a knack for coming back from the grocery store with a handful of random (and sometimes questionable...) items. Most of his spontaneous finds were unanimous losers (sorry, Dad), but his decision to grab a block of halloumi was one of his most important choices. It was a random summer night when I was in middle school—I watched, very confused, as he threw it on the grill and seared each side. I knew there was no way that I’d like it. One thing lead to another, and not to be dramatic, but I was in complete awe after my first bite. How had I never come across this cheese before? It’s the perfect balance of salty, cheesy, melty and crispy, and ever since my dad had this fortuitous trip to the grocery store, I now look for any and every opportunity to cook with this miraculous cheese.

This easy sheet pan dinner comes together in under an hour, and it all goes down on the same baking sheet, so what’s not to love? Grilling halloumi cheese is admittedly the ideal way to cook it, but when you’re in a pinch (slash, it’s the dead of winter), a quick broil with some olive oil gets the job done. Good luck resisting these tasty little cubes while you make the rest of dinner–if you’re not careful, you could easily snack on these before the rest of the dish is ready (not speaking from personal experience, I promise). 

The vegetable component of this recipe can truly be whatever you’ve got on hand. Whatever you choose, make sure that you buy carrots that still have their tops in tact. They’re going to come in handy when you make the radish salad. Make sure to give the carrots a good scrub as well as the carrot tops a thorough washing, unless you don’t mind a few dirt particles in your final dish (I’m telling you right now that you definitely mind!). This clever salad uses up the entire carrot, and adds a subtle crunch to the top of the caramelized veggies. If there’s one thing that this dinner doesn’t lack, it’s color, and TBH, a bright winter dish this simple is hard to come by! And halloumi, of course, is a delicious addition. Thanks, Dad!