Travel The World

Without Leaving The Kitchen



Travel The World Without Leaving the Kitchen

As we change from our day PJs to our night PJs and long for a sense of normalcy when we can start to travel again and visits restaurants, I'm finding solace in the kitchen. Right now my kitchen has morphed into more of an all purpose room; it's my office, my therapists couch, my (virtual) meeting place with family, my preschool classroom (fun! we all homeschool now!) and my own private jet plane where I can leave behind the day to day stressors and transport myself somewhere sunny, warm, and most importantly, delicious. Here are a few of the recipes I'm cooking at home to allow me to escape to different corners of the world, at the very least just during the dinner hour!
Crispy Persian Potato and Saffron Tahdig by @jakecohen

Tahdig is basically the ultimate comfort food. It's buttery, rich, crispy and made from a base of carbs. What could be better? Our @jakecohen is pretty much an expert of whipping up tahdig and breaks it all down in this video, so grab some rice and a nonstick pot and let's get cooking!



Larb Inspired Pork Lettuce Cups with Fresh Herbs by @rachelgurjar

I often find myself craving the sweet, spicy, salty and meaty flavors of this dish that is a hallmark flavor combination of Southeast Asian cuisine. You can serve the salad in crunchy lettuce cups garnished with lots of fresh herbs, or simple eat is by the bowlful; it's that good!



Garlic Naan with Fresh Herbs by @rachelgurjar

One of things I miss the most during this crazy COVID-19 crisis is seeing my coworkers and being spoiled by their talent to make some AMAZING food in our test kitchen.  This naan by my friend @rachelgurjar is fire (is that what the kids say these days?!) and I will 100% try recreating it at least once while cooped up at home. If you want to spark joy too, check out her step by step video on the process here



Homemade Ravioli by @mollyjean4

I've been using making homemade pasta as a bit of therapy during these scary and chaotic times at home. There is nothing quite like working the dough with your hands, running it through a pasta sheeter and forming it into perfect little ravioli that makes me feel like a have a little control over a somewhat out of control situation.  Give it a try! I promise it's incredibly soothing, and at the very least, tasty!



Piña Colada Galette by @saratane

I can pretty much confirm that almost everyone would prefer to be a on beach in Hawaii sipping Piña Coladas than at home in PJs, BUT this Piña Colada inspired galette is the baking project you need to transport yourself to the beach! 



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