Master the Art of Charcuterie Boards this Holiday Season

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Show off your entertaining skills with charcuterie this holiday season!
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Perusing the unlimited array of charcuterie boards in a rainbow of colors and beautiful arrangements across social media, it’s easy to overlook the fact that this ubiquitous favorite is in fact a time-tested gastronomic tradition.  With its origins in 15th Century France, charcuterie has been enjoyed for over 500 years!  We may even have our Charcutier (one who makes charcuterie) forebears across the Atlantic to thank for modern-day food safety practices.  At its outset, charcuterie was a range of cooked, salted, and/or dried meats whose preservation methods ensured safe-to-sell products and longer shelf-lives.  A charcutiers’ guild regulated the tradesmen who produced these foods, especially as they varied from region to region. 

Considering that we create charcuterie boards for occasions large (finally having that holiday gathering, cocktail party, celebratory evening) and small (looking at you date night & no-cook-dinners) it’s safe to say that charcuterie today has attained all-star status - a far cry from its early association with peasant food (a fact less surprising when considering that the proteins of the 1400’s were consumed immediately or spoiled unless treated by the methods above)!

Past and present aside, the question that remains for many is what exactly falls under the category of charcuterie?  While a variety of cured meats come readily to mind, charcuterie actually includes much more, from mousses and pâtés to terrines, to rillette and sausages.  So... what specifically are those??  Generally speaking, mousses, pâtés and terrines are made from meats that are ground (or more coarsely chopped, in the case of terrines), then seasoned including with aromatics.  Then they are slow cooked in a small pots - which are also called a terrine - and then set to cool under weighted pressure for several days.  This methodical process allows for depth of flavor, particularly important since this type of charcuterie is typically served cold or at room temperature.  Rillettes are meats that are slow cooked for several hours, then shredded and packed in sterile containers and covered in fat.  The resulting product is a rustic, spreadable meat, often duck or pork.  And while you might think you know sausage, keep in mind there are two types - fresh and cooked.  While fresh sausages are made from raw meat to be cooked later, that which is classified as charcuterie is cooked during production and ready to eat right away.


A thorough understanding of charcuterie of course helps us enjoy it even more!!   We love the range of charcuterie from our friends at Three Little Pigs, a small-batch charcutier from Feedfeed’s home city of New York.  The award-winning Three Little Pigs has been at it since 1975 - while not quite 500+ years strong, an artisan brand almost 50 years in the making knows a thing or two.  We regularly use Three Little Pigs assorted charcuterie to make our own gatherings special, be it at Feedfeed’s HQ or in our own homes.

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We went beyond the traditional board this year and created amazing Three Little Pigs recipes for both everyday and special occasions.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Carmelized Onions and Jambon de Paris by @thefeedfeed

Our Jambon de Paris sandwich is the way to level up your grilled cheese, with sweet caramelized onions and apple balancing savory Jambon de Paris and Gruyere - you can almost see these individual components working beautifully on a charcuterie board!  Between the make-ahead attributes of the onions and and Three Little Pigs’ *sliced* Jambon de Paris this special sandwich crosses into everyday territory without a hitch.

Truffle Mousse Deviled Eggs by @thefeedfeed

When someone makes Deviled Eggs, we already feel like we are getting VIP treatment.  With this version, featuring Mousse Truffée, our cups runneth over!  Make these ahead for a special evening and enjoy a round of smiling faces, satisfied friends and family and a riff on a classic no one will soon forget.

Duck Rillettes Empanadas by @andrealoretdemola

If you thought you knew empanadas, you have to try these… Duck Rillettes make a decadent, smooth and silky filling in the perfect dance with a savory, flaky crust.  And they’re not as far-off from traditional charcuterie as it may seem - some traditional pâtés are actually cooked within a pastry crust.

These incredible recipes notwithstanding, it wouldn’t feel like the holidays if we didn’t have a few go-to charcuterie spreads to graze on!  We’re loving these creations by a few of our collaborators for classic holiday entertaining.

Three Little Pigs Mousse Aux Cèpes Phyllo Bites by 

"When you try for yourself, it’s no wonder that Three Little Pigs is one of the most awarded specialty food companies in North America. After glowing reviews from leading critics such as James Beard, Mimi Sheraton, and Craig Claiborne the company quickly became iconic to gourmands and amateur chefs alike. That said, roasted asparagus bundled into their Jambon de Paris secured with threads of scallions, along with their Mousse Aux Cepes piped into flaky phyllo shells are exceptional! When paired with their decadent terrines and pate, it translates to a feast that is as easy on the eyes as much as the tastebuds!"

Fall Charcuterie Board by @jennygoycochea 

This seasonal charcuterie board comes together with Sliced Jambon de Paris, Mousse Truffée, Pâté de Campagne, and an assortment of Three Little Pigs accompaniments.

Jambon and Brie Toasts by @jennygoycochea 

"The holidays are all about gathering with loved ones and I can't think of a better place to gather than around a charcuterie board! I was so excited to have teamed up with @thefeedfeed and Three Little Pigs for a virtual event, and if you attended, I walked you through how to create the perfect holiday-inspired board featuring Le Trois Petits Cochons products--and how to put together a delicious appetizer featuring their Jambon de Paris! Le Trois Petits Cochons is one of the most awarded specialty food companies in North America and you'll see their commitment to quality shine in all their products!"

Want to make these recipes at home? Watch our Holiday Charcuterie event with Three Little Pigs!