Cookies, Chocolate, and Cocktails, Oh My!

If You Care x FeedfeedLA Event



Cookies, Chocolate, and Cocktails, Oh My!

If You Care x FeedfeedLA Event

Article by: Meryl Pritchard
Photography by: Ivan Solis

The average person produces 5 lbs of trash a day, and a LOT of that trash is produced while we’re preparing a meal in the kitchen. Everything from produce scraps to food packaging can start to pile up and easily make you feel guilty about making a simple meal for you or your family. Enter: If You Care: a brand that makes environmentally safe kitchen and household products that are good for both you and the planet! Their range of products allows you to cook and bake with the same result, minus the harsh environmental impact. Their parchment paper, for example, is unbleached and safe for home or commercial composting, which isn’t the case for the name brand alternative whose only destiny is to become trash. Making a simple swap to If You Care products has a multitude of benefits but also cultivates an awareness around sustainability that will hopefully seep into all areas of your life. 

If You Care kitchen and household products are special to the FeedFeedLA space because they carefully and deliberately craft their materials to have the least environmental impact and the lightest carbon footprint. FeedFeedLA is dedicated to hosting fantastic events and cooking delicious food while also staying conscious and aware of consumption and waste patterns.

We had a wonderful night hosting guests with cookies, chocolates and cocktails! We linked up with If You Care to host the ultimate interactive experience at our new LA studio. 

Everyone arrived ready to drink cocktails and indulge in sweets. Upon arrival, guests were greeted at our low-key yet lavish cocktail bar hosted by Cocktail Academy. Did you know that Cocktail Academy changes their cocktail for every event they attend? We were lucky enough to try the banana-infused El Tesoro Tequila with either coconut or peanut milk! Added bonus that there were cups made from If You Care parchment paper filled with popcorn or nuts attached to the cocktail glass! Two for one - a cocktail and appetizer. No cocktail? No problem! Guests were also treated to a glass of lovely rosé, red or white wine courtesy of One Hope Wines.

After cocktails and mingling, guests were transported to ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’. It smelled like melting chocolate and sugar cookies - except this kitchen was taken over by Ruth Kenninson! Ruth has always had a love for chocolate and her mission is to spread the word about where our chocolate comes from and how it gets made. She was dropping some knowledge on the origin and creation of chocolate to our FeedfeedLA guests. After a mini-tutorial and ‘chocolate lesson’, we rolled chocolate balls and sprinkled them with rainbow sprinkles, extra chocolate, and nuts on our Caesarstone Empira White Surface! Guests were able to take home the extra goods with If You Care to-go packaging

Quite often, what's best for you also happens to be best for the planet. If You Care is a perfect example of that, and we were thrilled to share such an inspiring and ethical company with our LA community.

To balance out all the of the chocolate, we also offered a sugar cookie decorating station led by Naomi Robinson. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than decorating Christmas cookies!? Naomi is a self-taught baker and cook whose motto in the kitchen is “baking and decorating is an experience that brings people together.” Naomi's motto was definitely evident at this event! There were laughs, eating and friendly decorating cookie competitions - let’s just say it ended with everyone eating their cookie creations!

Don't be fooled - it wasn’t all cocktails, chocolates, and cookies! We had our chef Jesse Anderson create amazing platters of kale radicchio salad, delicata squash salad, spinach and artichoke galettes, apple cheddar focaccia, kabocha squash soup! We served crudites with a homemade romesco dip made with toasted almonds, smoked paprika, cayenne, virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and a bit of balsamic. We needed some veggies and savory foods to balance out the sweets!

We love If You Care's mission and Team Feedfeed working towards creating less waste of our own. FeedFeedLA saves all the leftover food after every event and donates the food to local cooks, chefs and shelters in the nearby area. The food is then repurposed into meals for individuals who aren’t as fortunate to have a meal every night. Los Angeles county now boasts nearly 59,000 homeless people, a 12% increase from last year. We want to help decrease this number in the future and help this universal epidemic. For this particular event, FeedfeedLA was able to feed an entire women’s shelter! 

All in all, it was another wonderful evening filled with cocktails, chocolate, and cookies! Guests left feeling confident and ready to take on the holiday season in a more sustainable way! Special thanks again to If You Care for creating and allowing the most efficient way to cook and save in the kitchen! 

Thanks you to all who helped make this event possible, Bakers Royale, Chocolate Project, and Cocktail Academy!

Thank you to our FeedfeedLA studio sponsors Caesarstone, Zwilling, Miele, Room & Board, Bounty, and Rolling Greens.

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