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Avocado Salad With Mexican Chicken
Let’s start the week off right by getting more GREENS into our diet!! I’m on a major salad kick at the moment, and the more salads I have, the more creative I have to get otherwise I get bored! Expect to see a LOT MORE salads around here in the coming months! . As for this one - well, let’s just say this might be the BEST salad I’ve created this year. The Lime Dressing doubles as a marinade, and with just a few extra seasonings, the chicken is to die for.
Crispy Pan-fried Gnocchi With Pumpkin & Spinach
Crispy golden gnocchi, soft inside and tossed in a buttery sauce with sweet roasted pumpkin and spinach. Store bought gnocchi has come a long way in its time! I’m a huge fan.
Stove Top Mac & Cheese
Mac and Cheese!! This is how I make it on the stove. It just happens to be made in ONE POT! The sauce is extra silky and glossy, thanks to the Italian trick of emulsifying the sauce which is what happens by cooking the mac in the sauce. Try it! I’d love to know what you think!
Egg Sandwich With Mushrooms, Avocado, Bacon, Spinach, Cheese And Sun-dried…
BREAKFAST BURGER!!! Fully loaded with mushrooms, avocados, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, bacon, egg and cheese, this is heaven on a brioche bun. Worth getting out of bed for this weekend! . I clearly didn’t think through the video set up properly and ended up with egg going everywhere…oops!
Forget store bought, if you want a REAL Lemon Pepper Chicken, this is how to make it! Super fast, super easy, if you have chicken and lemons you can make this right now!