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Jenn de la Vega
Brooklyn, NY
Cheese-obsessed caterer, author & editor at large of Put a Egg On It.

Juice Pulp Veggie Burgers

My Recipes
My favorite vegetarian dish ever, ever is from Glasserie. Cumin dusted potatoes are amazing with labneh, stewed chick peas, hummus, or whatever floats your boat. Captain’s log in my bio ⛵️? by Marjorie Becker
Rethink hummus with me. If you reserve half the chick peas and rough chop them, you have a more chunky, textural exploration of dip. It can also be a topping for salad or potato, too—latest post on my blog (and of course, in my bio) ? by Marjorie Becker
I didn’t like broccoli before but it’s grown up and gotten a job. My latest blog (in my bio!) is a hearty vegetarian dish you have to eat with a steak knife ? By Marjorie Becker.
Inspired by one of my favorite restaurants, Xixa, carrot elote is the vegetarian dream dish you’ve been waiting for ?✨ Click the link in my bio to get the ingredient list ? by Marjorie Becker
For those of you have been following me for a while, you know I can’t get enough of pa amb tomàquet / pan con tomate / tomato toast ? Move over avocado! Hit that link in my bio for a bold, satiating snack. Pictured here with a bit of manchego. ? Marjorie Becker
Need a winter project? Nukazuke is a great way to quick pickle your CSA vegetables (it’s kind of like a pet!). Get started with the guide in my bio ? by Marjorie Becker
Dug up a romantic as hell Spanish cheese board I styled in 2014. It features 3 month Manchego and lovely domestic avatar called Danascara Dulcinea, which is rubbed with cocoa on the rind. Click the link in my bio to grab the ingredient list. ? by Marjorie Becker.