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Jenn de la Vega
Brooklyn, NY
Cheese-obsessed caterer, author & editor at large of Put a Egg On It.

Watermelon Cake with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream and Berries

My Recipes
Tarragon butter poached egg, carrot, shallot and frisée tossed in fish sauce and rice vinegar, on sourdough pullman.
Roquefort butter on baguette with a tiny bunch of grapes to balance out the salt. Saw this butter on an episode of Barefoot Contessa.
Radishes, butter and salt on polenta boule. Humble and easy, one of those breakfasts that I don't get sick of; it crunches, enough to wake you up in the morning.
Adobo wangs, grilled with a side of ghost pepper garlic and grease fire chili oil 🔥 Recipe in #ShowdownBook!
Romantic as hell crema de fabas. Shucked, boiled, peeled further, and pulsed fava beans with basil, garlic, broth, cream, sorrel, parm, a spoon of mashed potato for weight. Dolloped on fried toast, finished with a dripping of olive oil and flick of orange zest pecan dukkah.
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Dosa mille 🥞 Riffing off the idea of a savory mille feuille. Leftover shallot dosa batter whipped with an egg, fried and layered with castelvetrano olives, culantro, micro celery and sour cream.