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Nut Milks


A Note From vanessavorbach

Gone are the days of a plain almond or soymilk with artificial vanilla or chocolate flavouring. I’m here to inspire you to blend up the most delicious, creamiest plant based milk concoctions you can imagine. Think rose infused hempseed-brazil nut milk, chai spiced pumpkin seed milk with vanilla-chaga cream syrup or black sesame-charcoal date milk. Sounds fancy and complicated? What if I told you that these protein packed liquids are whipped up in 5 minutes, don’t require any soaking, straining and are cheaper than the ones you get at the juice store around the corner. Besides being insanely delicious and satisfying, nut and seed milks are incredibly rich in protein, healthy fats, antioxidants and minerals … making these goodies true superfoods in a glass … or a pitcher in my case ☺ I am super excited to share my nut milk obsession with you here and I hope you get inspired. Let’s go nuts on nut milk!