Herb Garlic Confit

"It's January and we are relaunching clean eating! What's better to start with than an amazing, healthful flavor enhancer that takes everyday food from ordinary to extraordinary: Garlic Confit! After confiting the turkey legs, I was inspired to confit other things, like this garlic submerged in olive oil and flavored with thyme and bay leaves. It's a 2 for 1 - You are left with the infused oil and also the garlic to use in everyday cooking. Finished product to follow. "
-- @nocrumbsleft

Recipe Intro From nocrumbsleft

If you've never made garlic confit you need to get on it! Garlic cloves are poached in olive oil until sweet and tender. The result is a tasty spreadable topping or addition to meats, veggies, pizza, bread, and countless other dishes. But wait! There's more! You now also have a flavorful garlic infused olive oil for cooking or drizzling on top of anything you desire!