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Tiina Strandberg
Helsinki, Finland
Plant-based foodie & recipe creator of family-friendly vegan food.

Steamed Artichokes with Saffron Aioli

in partnership with Ocean Mist Farms
My Recipes
Brussels Sprout, Pumpkin, And Vegan Cheese Crumble Buddha Bowl
Here's my WINTER BUDDHA BOWL with all healthy goodies - Brussels sprouts & vegan parmesan, roasted chickpeas, spicy pumpkin & crispy kale.
Mini Lingonberry 'cheesecake' Tarts With Beet Cashew Cream
New #ontheblog ❤️LINGONBERRY CHEESECAKE TARTS❤️ of course #vegan and also #glutenfree ❤️Recipe link for these delicious treats on my profile💌 I want to dedicate these bright colored tarts to my dear friend @blossombudandfruit🌹🍃❤️She's celebrating her Birthday tomorrow Oct 17 (actually it's already Oct 17 in Australia😄) Sending you a big HUG! Also want to say Thank You for all your beautiful messages & wishes about my due date❤️Special thank you to my friends Bo Meera @thefitfabfoodie and Diana @veganfoodblogveda 😘😘😘No signs of baby yet, but it can happen any time now👶🏼❤️This waiting can get a bit boring😅But today I had fun making a Lime Chia Pudding with my son. See how he helped me on IG stories😄💚🍃Wishing you all a wonderful day / evening❤️Lots of love❤️
Spiced Pumpkin And Apple Butter
Autumn staples: APPLE-PUMPKIN BUTTER🍂🍎🎃Recipe #ontheblog (link in my profile💌). This smooth & creamy butter tastes amazing in puddings, porridges, spread on toast, as a sweetener..😋So good! I hope you had a wonderful weekend❤️Ours was filled with happy people & good food as we celebrated my son's 3rd Birthday🍰👦🏼I've been very tired after the party and since due date is approaching, will take it very easy until 👶🏼 is here❤️ Wishing you an amazing start of a new week✨😘
Blueberry Cashew Cheesecake Bars
💙BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE BARS💙Recipe is #ontheblog (link in bio💌) and have to tell you this is my fav sweet recipe on the blog so far😊As a huge cheesecake & berry fan, it was about time to combine these two and bake some yummy bars. All vegan & gluten-free of course! Wishing you a beautiful day/evening & happy vibes from the forest🌲😘
Chocolate, Berry And Nut Swirl Smoothie
Joining #FoodRevolution today with my healthy CHOCOLATE-BERRY NUT SMOOTHIE🍫💙🌰Recipe for this yummy one is #ontheblog 😋 Smoothies are a great way to start teaching kids (and anyone!) about #realfood and healthy eating. Thanks dear Silv @minimuncherbali for spreading the message of @foodrev & sharing your story. Here's mine: I started blending smoothies in the beginning of my plant based vegan journey🍇💜My son was 10 months then, and I blended baby versions (with greens, avocado, mango, berries etc) for him too. Pics of him testing smoothies way down my IG gallery! Now he's 2 yrs old, and he's become an enthusiastic little smoothie helper! We make "SMUUTI" (his word for smoothie😄) together almost every day, and always with REAL FOOD ingredients. Like this Choco-berry nut dream (one of his favorite smuuti😊🍫 next to green smoothies💚). Please join the Food Revolution @foodrev and help make this world healthier🍃 With L💗VE from the forest😘
Naked Chia Pudding Pie With Granola Crust
A naked version of this BREAKFAST CHIA PUDDING PIE WITH yummy GRANOLA CRUST is waiting in the fridge ready to be decorated with 🍓🍓 + 🍃🍃 + 🌸🌸 in the morning. Perfect for Mother's Day tomorrow! Made with ❤️ for my Mom. You can make this delicious treat too😊It makes a lovely sweet brekkie, but tastes just as good with afternoon coffee/tea☕️🍰Recipe is #ontheblog Wishing you all a beautiful weekend💓💕🍓🌹😘
Granola Crust Chia Pudding Pie
This is my HEALTHY BREAKFAST CHIA PUDDING PIE WITH GRANOLA CRUST which I'm making for Mother's Day this Sunday🍰Recipe is #ontheblog now😋It's the perfect sweet (but not too sweet) festive brekkie for any Sunday (or any day😄)🍓❤️The recipe was inspired by my Key Lime Pie Chia pudding and Tahini granola. So, who else loves sweet brekkies🍬🍭🍰🍩?! Hope you've had a fun day so far! It's all sunshine☀️sea🌊 and summer dresses👗 here. It feels like we skipped spring and now it's summer💚🍃Lots of sunny vibes from the forest (which looks beautiful as it's becoming greener by the day🌲🌳🌿🍃)😘
Green Key Lime Pie Chia Pudding
Happy 1st of May🍃💚Today I'm going GREEN with KEY LIME PIE CHIA PUDDINGS🍃💚Recipe for these sweet pies in a jar is #ontheblog 🍀This is a really yummy way to eat pie😋And also a great way to celebrate my friend @blossombudandfruit and her #bbafgogreen campaign to congratulate her on 12k🙌🏼 and support Make Every Day Earth Day! These are some of the ways in which I contribute making the world greener🍃🍀 1. I started gardening last year and although I managed to grow just a few green veggies: basil, kale, chives, I'm totally hooked and can't wait to grow more of my own produce this season. 🍃🍀 2. Growing our own veggies is also a great way to show my children where real food comes from (the ground and not from a factory!), and I'll continue teaching my kids about organic gardening & plant-based food, and let them take care of the garden with me🍃🍀 3. We always use recycled bags when going shopping and try to reduce the amount of plastic used in our household.🍃🍀4. I don't own a car and infact can't even drive so I either walk/run/cycle/use the bus everywhere and often have my kids with me🍃🍀 5. I talk with my kids about making the world a greener & better place, and I'm sure their appreciation of clean nature &organic plant-based food will continue throughout their lives! Have a happy sweet day🍃🍀💕😘