French Onion Soup with Homemade Beef Broth
"The most EPIC french onion soup with a super deep homemade beef broth! ✨Mixed with tons of caramelized onions, aromatics, wine and broiled with gruyere, swiss + sourdough baguette. Hands down one of my favorite soups. The homemade broth really takes it up a notch too."
-- @lindseyeatsla
A Note from Feedfeed

French onion soup is one of those classic recipes that turns the most basic ingredients into something delicious. Take the time to properly caramelize the onions, as they bring so much complex flavor to the soup! Topped with cheesy bread, its a heartwarming meal any time of day. Take it up a notch with homemade beef broth for your soup base! You can make the broth while prepping your other ingredients. Get your bowls ready!