Cook For Joy

with Simply Organic




A Fall Feast with Simply Organic 

Article by Kevin Masse 
Photography by Clay Williams

For me, cooking at home is about the pure, simple art of gathering around the table.  My days are packed from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed, but spending time in the kitchen is a necessity for me. It allows me to connect with the ones I love, nourish both family and friends and calm me in a way that is soothing to the soul. 

This season, we are celebrating the pure simple joy that cooking brings with our friends at Simply Organic and joining in on their #cookforjoy initiative.  For us, #cookforjoy is all about spending more time with our friends, family and the #feedfeed community around the table, breaking bread together and being present with one another. 

Photos, top to bottom: Feedfeed test kitchen fires up the smoker for salmon, Savory Pumpkin & Sage Tarte Soleil by @afsana

To kick off this busy Holiday season, we invited a group of our NYC #feedfeed community members to share their #cookforjoy story with us at FeedfeedBrooklyn, our Bushwick Test Kitchen, studio and community hub.  We wanted this night to be all about our community, so we asked everyone to bring a special dish to share, using Simply Organic Spices.  Each recipe told the story of its creator - flavors inspired by a childhood memory, a dish that grandma used to make, a recipe that was made for growing kids etc.  We also participated in spice forward wreath making & homemade cookie jars to round out the night! Sitting around the table, with so many friends both old and new, #cookforjoy felt like more than just a hashtag, it was a way of being, and a way of celebrating the everyday joy that cooking brings.  

Photos, top to bottom:Sage Caramel Apple Pie by @cloudykitchen, Roasted Meatballs with Garlic and Rosemary by @aldentediva, Spiced Sweet Potatoes topped with Apples by @athletestyle & @athletefood
Top to bottom, clockwise: Feedfeed Community members sit down for dinner, Elia and Erica , Jill and Patti 
Top to bottom: Wreath Making Station, Setting the buffet, spicing the cocktails

This season, no matter how busy things get, take some time connect with yourself and your community by being in the kitchen, and find your own way to #CookForJoy. 

Want recipes from our special #CookforJoy night? CLICK HERE for a printable PDF

For more recipes that bring our community joy, CLICK HERE!

As always, thank you to our studio sponsors Room & Board, Bonterra Organic Vineyards,  Health-Ade, Sir Kensington’s, Gotham Greens and of course, Simply Organic for making this an extra-awesome event.

Watch our video to see what #CookforJoy means to us!