One Pot Vodka Pasta

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Coconut curry red lentils with tangy golden raisin cilantro chutney from @acouplecooks #PrettySimpleCooking — craving a big bowl of this + a blanket for the impending thunderstorm here in Cincinnati today! Link in profile.
SOMETHING AVOCADO THIS WAY COMES t-1 day to lift-off with @brewinghappiness ⚡️????⚡️
The soup you’ve been waiting for your whole dang life: Hearty chipotle chickpea with lime coconut cream—creamy, spicy, cozy & 😍 vegan 🤩! New on K&C, link in profile.
UNHEARD VOICES: In 1962, a year before Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous I Have a Dream sermon, civil rights activist Prathia Hall delivered a prayer in which she repeated the words “I have a dream” as a kind of incantation. Reverend King was present at that service, and Hall’s words were the inspiration for his later sermon—yet I, like many of us, never knew of her influence. As we honor King’s legacy, let’s also uplift those voices seldom heard, the voices of women, of people of color, of all those disenfranchised and diminished. I spent the morning learning from an incredible panel on the women of the civil rights movement at the California African American Museum, where I learned this history from Professor Brenda Stevenson, alongside the ever-brilliant @iamrebeccawalker, @meta2meta, and @jancperry.
Sooo which one are you?? ??? 4 Easy Blended Green Soups for Cozy Dinners! Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, hyper nourishing, and mega delish. Link in profile for the green soup personality read (and all the recipes ?).
Somebody fire up the Harissa Lentils with Roasted Veg & Yogurt and invite me over for dinner, pretty please with smoked paprika on top! Link in profile.
Good morning I love you how is your breathing how is your heart are you holding yourself from the inside? Winter Citrus Ginger Green Juice on the blog now, link in profile.
My love affair with @botanicafood continues (twice in one week!). Grateful for the sanctuary of nourishment @emilyfiffer and @heathersper brought to LA. Go. Get everything.
Winter Citrus Ginger Green Juice & No Self Left Behind: It’s not easy to listen to the parts of ourselves that have been so deeply wounded, pissed off, abused, and shut up. In fact, it’s far easier to march forth, pretending that a quick fix of a New Year’s resolution, a month without sugar, or a hot date with a vision board will heal all past trauma. In reality, if we want a shiny new self, we must turn our attention to all past selves and let them know they are safe, that we have grown, that we are newly equipped to care for them, that their terrified woundedness no longer needs to be in charge. READ MORE on the blog today, link in profile!