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How to Roast Garlic

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Just a bit of comfort food.... A super easy soup packed with broccoli and cheese is exactly what I wanted on this bitter cold day! I hate being trapped inside by these cold temps and raging winds. I can handle cold, but this is too much. I am getting stir crazy and am making a list to hit the market and spend some time working out my cabin fever chopping onions and whipping up recipes that i can freeze for later. Recipe (along with tons if others to get you through winter) in the recipe archives at
Grilled Rack Of Lamb With Rosemary And Dijon Mustard
In which I go on a long winded rant about why we don't eat lamb as much as our great grandparents and a kick ass recipe for the perfect grilled rack of lamb.
Creamy Potato And Spicy Sausage Soup
It's a crossover event - think Marvel and DC but more like, Justice League and Batman, and all about food, not comics. I'm doing 4 recipes this week - all for under $25 (total!) and I am sharing them on both GirlCarnivore and PasstheSushi. It was fun to head back to my cooking roots, back to a budget, and feeding people. It's amazing how smart you can verify with your dollars with a plan when you hit the market. Shame Martian Manhunter wasn't here to taste test. Now this soup, it's a slow cooker recipes with creamy broth, spicy sausage, hearty potatoes and fresh kale.
Sausage And Kale Fettuccine
Kinda crushing on carbs right now. Sausage and kale over fettecuinni with fresh shaved parm. Class up that weeknight dinner.
Slow Cooker Ancho Pulled Pork Lettuce Cups With Grilled Pineapple
Looking for an excuse to kick up the flavor tonight? Slow Cooker Whole 30 Approved Ancho Pulled Pork Lettuce Cups with Grilled Pineapple. Can I get a Woot Woot.
Grilled Lamb Chops
What are you throwing on the grill this weekend? These sexy little lamb chops are calling my name. . . . #lamb #bhgfood #grill #fresh #eatlocal #goodeats #eatfresh #local #grilling #foodgasm #foodie #nomnomnom #feedfeed #yum #howisummer #foodandwine #heresmyfood #thekitchn #tastingtable #foodgawker #f52grams #beautifulcuisines #hautecuisines #huffposttaste #glutenfree #whole30 #paleo #jerf #eattheworld #girlcarnivore
Grilled Flank Steak Salad
Who says steak can't be healthy? Making beef sexy. I loaded my grill with farmers market seasonal veggies, whipped up a light vinaigrette and got to noshing!
Bbq Pork Ribs
Some things never get old. Experimenting with pork ribs is one of those things. .