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Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Herbed Hummus
NEW recipe on (link in bio) for this anti-inflammatory, Turmeric Herbed Hummus. So simple to make and crazy delicious! Give it a go and let me know your fav ways to enjoy hummus in the comments below! xx, E #eenutrition #hummus
Working on + perfecting aaallll the #tonic recipes for the new site including honey bone broth lattes, magic mushroom cacao, maca chaga coffee and obviously the signature turmeric tonic.. ✨?? In the meantime, whip up your own super human beverage with this easy elixir formula: 8-12oz. milk (coconut, almond & goats milk are my favorite) 1-2 tbsp. fat (coconut oil, ghee, almond butter, MCT, sunflower butter, etc.) 1-3 super herbs + flavorings like cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla bean, cacao or ginger a pinch of pink salt &&& your favorite sweetener (I typically go for @sweetleafstevia or raw honey) oh, and don't forget the love?stay intuitive + have fun with it. Xo #eenutrition #healyourrelationshipwithfood #byerikaelizabeth #foodfreedom
c h i a p u d d i n g ✨ this stuff is a staple in my kitchen. It's the easiest meal or snack that's packed with satiating fats, #protein & #fiber. So no blood sugar crash later on. Soaked #chiaseeds have a #detoxifying affect in the body, helping to push toxins and waste through the GI tract. Just make sure to drink plenty of water when consuming chia seeds, as their tendency is to soak up liquid, which can present issues of constipation in a dehydrated individual. You can find my recipe for chia seed pudding on my site, under #breakfast! Try topping yours with a few banana slices, berries + bee pollen?✨Xo #eenutrition #healyourrelationshipwithfood #foodfreedom
Happy Monday beauties! Enjoying my favorite cauliflower fried rice for a nourishing lunch. To make, combine 1 tbsp. @nutiva coconut oil + 1-2 cups of riced cauliflower, your favorite herbs/spices, sliced green onion, coconut aminos, salt & pepper in a pan and sauté for 5 minutes. Crack 1-2 pasture raised eggs (I use @vitalfarms) the center and scramble. Serve with sliced avo?✨#10minutemeal #eenutrition #healyourrelationshipwithfood #foodfreedom
Sunday stacks✨easy 3 ingredient pancakes are always a good idea, especially when they're loaded up with raspberries + maple and sprinkled with mucuna. I love taking the weekends to enjoy slow mornings + yummy nourishing breakfasts. Happy Sunday beauties! Xo #eenutrition #healyourrelationshipwithfood #foodfreedom
HOW you eat is as important as WHAT you eat. This concept is something that commonly gets overlooked, however, the state in which you consume food is just as, and in some cases, more important than what's actually on your plate?The way you arrange the food, whether you choose to sit or stand, eat quickly or slowly, eat in front of a TV or mindfully at a table, eat in a peaceful and relaxed environment or a stressful and chaotic environment, in a clean and inviting kitchen or a messy and cluttered space, etc. All these things impact your body's, ability to rest and digest, to enter into a parasympathetic state and to truly feel satiated and nourished. My top #tips for better digestion, appetite control and absorption of nutrients: 1) whatever it is you're eating, arrange it beautifully on a plate. 2) Tell yourself this food is going to be nourishing and supportive to your body. 3) Take a few deep breathes prior to eating the meal. 4) Sit down and be present. Leave at least 20 minutes to sit and enjoy. #eenutrition #healyourrelationshipwithfood #foodfreedom photo cred: @shopsankalpa
Happy New Years Eve! I'm still in Wisconsin, visiting family & celebrating my sister's birthday. My family requested the Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes from the blog, so I whipped up a batch this afternoon. If you're looking for a last minute dessert for tonight, these are the best! They're also super simple to make. I'll leave the link in my bio! Xo #eenutrition #healyourrelationshipwithfood #foodfreedom
Sundays spent creating with @gemstonegenie in our Creation Crib✨taking a break to #nourish and ground with #detoxifying #quinoa #kitchari featuring @radhasbliss_alchemy Ayurvedic #Ghee. P.S. If you're looking for the perfect and unique gift for the holidays, check out @radhasbliss_alchemy for nourishing #bodycare, #Ayurvedic ghee, #magic masala, #rose jam & more. Her products are truly amazing and I use them daily. Xo #eenutrition #healyourrelationshipwithfood #foodfreedom
Nothing comes close to the amount of joy I receive when you guys share your creations with me. @wanderingroot made my Golden Turmeric #Tonic from the Erika Elizabeth Nutrition blog. This is my winter recipe staple... filled with good fats, warming and stabilizing herbs/spices, made to soothe #digestion, #calm the mind, ground the body, fight inflammation and promote #detoxification. The link to this recipe is in my bio✨Xo #eenutrition #healyourrelationshipwithfood #foodfreedom