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Creating an allergy friendly world. Yeast, dairy, egg, shellfish, peanut, soy, avocado and melon-free. Qui vivra verra

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Happy #nationalchocolatecakeday ❣️ I’ll take cake over brownies any day, especially this vegan and allergy friendly one that’s been said to be better than traditional cakes! Recipe to come soon.
Inspired by my Grandma Ludmila (Millie), I set out to perfect an #allergyfriendly kolach and came pretty damn close. It is yeast, dairy and egg free and still so so delicious! Link in bio 👩🏼‍🍳
Vegan loaded banana bread with all sorts of allergy-friendly options. Enough said 🍌🍞. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Pumpkin pecan scones: perfect for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner....basically anytime. They are vegan and allergy friendly (as long as you’re not allergic to tree nuts!). Recipe through the link in my bio. ??‍?
It's finally here! The perfect easy summer dessert for any occasion: Berry Peach Galette. It's allergy friendly and vegan and is sure to impress. Recipe link in bio!
FRIED. SQUASH. BLOSSOMS. Need I say more? Head to your local farmers market right now and pick up some squash blossoms because you'll want to eat these every night for the rest of the summer.
In case you missed it, my allergy friendly, vegan waffle recipe is now up on the blog. It will be your new go-to breakfast!
No one can stop my need for waffles, not even my own body. These vegan waffles are yeast, dairy, egg, nut and soy free so you can still enjoy this perfect brunch food without any pain. ?
Rich, hearty, meaty lamb ragu. It's definitely what you should be eating for dinner. Get the recipe now on the blog!