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Alison Wu
Portland, Oregon
Food stylist, recipe developer + blogger with a passion for health.

4th of July Flag Pie

My Recipes
Rose Cashew Cream Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies
Inspired by a recipe in the December issue of @bonappetitmag, I wanted to make a healthier version using almond flour, flax ‘eggs’ and coconut sugar, and add rose because duh, I’m obsessed with florals. I’m happy to say these babies turned out so good, I’ll likely be making them all year round.
Watermelon And Black Rice Salad
One of my favorite things about summer in the kitchen is dreaming up new ways to use fresh fruit in savory salads. This Salted Watermelon, Black Rice, Sesame and Mint Salad hits all the notes. This is definitely my new go-to watermelon salad recipe. I hope you guys love it as much as I do!
Sweet Potato Breakfast Nachos
[NEW POST!] The recipe for these Grain-Free Breakfast Nachos is up on the blog! My new go-to brunch recipe, these nachos are easy to make and are seriously satisfying. ?? I'm off to LA for the rest of the week to spend some QT with QT @leefromamerica! Follow along on my trip over on Stories. #WuHaus
Unicorn Coconut Cashew Dream Bars
NEW POST! The recipe for these Pastel Coconut Cashew Dream Bars is now up on the blog! Naturally sweetened with coconut nectar, these little beauties are the perfect not-too-sweet treat for spring. ☁️?✨ #WuHaus
Gingerbread And Cashew Cream Sandwich Cookies
The recipe for these Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookie Sandwiches is now up on the blog, and oh my are they delicious! Celebrating the #calmandbrightcookienight with @themodernproper and a bunch of other talented bloggers. ✨? #WuHaus
Black Sesame Nut Crusted Pumpkin Miso Pie
Super excited to share the recipe for this Mostly Raw Pumpkin-Miso Pie with Black Sesame-Nut Crust on the blog now. Inspired by @bonappetitmag, the #WuHaus version is vegan, refined sugar and grain free. A lovely and unexpected twist on a holiday classic. Thanks to my friend @loveshovel for working with me on this one! ?