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The meals featured here were shared with us by members of the feedfeed community who added #feedfeed to images of food they made. Here are a few of our favorites featuring cauliflower.

A Note From ashcuoco

I’ll never forget the first time my mother roasted a huge sheet pan of cauliflower. It was cut into neat florets, drizzled generously with olive oil and sprinkled with garlic, thyme, salt, and cracked pepper. The pan came out of the oven smelling like gold (if you didn’t know gold had a smell, well now you know). It was browned to perfection. I stood at the kitchen table popping them like candy until the pan was half empty. How could something so simple be so tasty? Just one of God’s great gifts to the world. Now that I am off on my own and married, I am always searching for new ways to transform this versatile vegetable into something my husband will love. You can turn it into a soup, slice and grill it like a steak, bake it into a pizza...and, my new favorite way: cauliflower curried with chickpeas and quinoa.