Sage and Cheddar Biscuits with Honey and Rye
"you may not know this, but you are totally and completely capable of making stellar biscuits. I’m talkin’ sky high, flaky, tender squares of deliciousness. and let’s be honest: the possibilities for exceptional biscuits are endless. epic BEC sandwiches. a perfect vessel for the perfect homemade jam. an accompaniment to creamy shrimp and grits. legit, they can do no wrong! so why are we still talkin?! go grab some butter and get in the kitchen!"
-- @wellseasonedstudio
A Note from Feedfeed

There is something about a freshly baked biscuit that is so comforting. Flaky layers of buttery pastry with a crunchy and crackly top; what could be better?  Our @Jakecohen has an epic biscuit recipe and he shares all his secrets here. Make a batch of homemade biscuits and turn them into epic egg sandwiches or just eat them on their own.