How to Make Perfect Chicken Breasts

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Greetings from week two of Whole30! My sugar cravings have drastically gone down and I’m no longer eating a full English cucumber with every meal!! That being said, I’ve been going hard on meal prep to set up filling, delicious meals throughout the week. My current obsession? Romesco! If you’re unfamiliar with this Catalonian sauce, it’s kind of perfect. It’s a powerful sweet, salty, smoky, spicy and tangy puree of roasted red peppers, smoked paprika, almonds, garlic, Sherry vinegar and tons of olive oil. You can use it on just about anything from eggs to steak, but today I’m waxing poetic about the beauty of a perfectly cooked chicken breast.

The secret to juicy chicken breast is in the stovetop-oven combo. A non-seared piece of chicken is a missed opportunity for so much flavor, so get some color! By starting it in a pan and then finishing in the oven, you get to live your Hannah Montana fantasy with the best of both worlds: golden perfection that is far from the dry chicken breasts too often served on the dinner table.

Throw in some broccoli (because vegetables, duh) and you’ve got a complete meal! While this is a recipe for two, you’ll have some leftover sauce to go wild with the next day. If you’re looking to stretch this recipe even a little further, feel free to serve this recipe over mashed potatoes or cauliflower.

Get ready to show your chicken who’s the sauce!