How to Make Sourdough Waffles

A Note From feedfeed

I LOVE waffles. I feel they are far superior to pancakes in most ways and there is something about revealing a perfectly crisp waffle from the iron that feels so nostalgic to me.  All that to say, if you do not have a waffle iron, you could totally cook this batter pancake style on a griddle. You’ll get super light and fluffy flapjacks!  Now a few notes on the sourdough starter; this recipe relies on commercial yeast to do the heavy lifting (literally) but the sourdough discard adds a little extra lift, tenderizes the batter and adds a lovely depth of flavor.  The discard you use should be slightly bubbly and pleasant smelling.  If you have a layer of hooch on top of your starter, feed it and then make these the next day.  You want to bring the funk, but not THAT much funk!! If you somehow missed the sourdough fad of 2020 and do not have a pet starter you named and loved during the darkest days of quarantine, you can still make this recipe, just leave out the starter and add in an additional ¼ cup all purpose flour. 

As for the sauce, I love adding blueberries to my pancakes and waffles, but sometimes am disappointed by blueberries that get a little too burnt and caramelized. Enter this delicious blueberry sauce!  Think of it as a floral and fruity maple syrup.  Use it to dress up waffles and pancakes, then save the extra to use in cocktails or even drizzle on ice cream. 


Recipe and Headnote Molly Adams