How to Make Quick Pickled Onions

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Recipe and Headnote Molly Adams

Photo by @what_she_ate

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There is something about a creamy bowl of polenta topped with deeply savory mushrooms that gets me every time. Add some toothsome lentils and sweet and caramelized red onions and I’m in umami heaven. 

I am not vegan (actually quite far from it) but I did eat a vegan diet for one month last February (please save your applause). It was incredibly difficult for me but it was also the best I’ve ever felt. My head was clear, I had lots of energy and I genuinely felt good and not tired all the time (not such an easy feat with a toddler in tow). 

As much as I know how beneficial to the planet (and myself) a vegan diet is, at this point in my life I try to eat everything in moderation. Having meals like this on hand that will satisfy my desire to eat a more plant-based diet while satisfying my family’s desire to eat something hearty and delicious is a win win. 

No matter your lifestyle or eating habits, make these lentils. They are cozy, comforting, budget friendly and delicious! What more could you want in a 30 minute dinner?