How to Use Chickpeas

Four Ways!


How to Use Canned Chickpeas 4 Ways! 

                                                                             Photo and recipe by @rachelgurjar

Consider this my ode to the humble can of chickpeas. They are inexpensive, packed with protein, fiber and vitamins and can be transformed into ALL the things. In this first edition of Technique Time (presented by American Express®) I'm showing you how to use canned chickpeas to make four different things; creamy hummus, a smashed chickpea salad, rich chocolate mousse and crispy chickpeas. All of these recipes are super simple and can be easily adapted to use what you have available to you at home.  So grab a can (or 4!) and learn all the ways you can transform the gifted garbanzo! Watch the full video here. --Molly Adams, Senior Food Editor

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Creamy Hummus by @mollyjean4

Am I the only one that CANNOT stop snacking? WFH life is one big nosh session, amirite? Stock your fridge with this super simple hummus to keep those snack attacks filled with protein! The recipe linked here is for a full batch, but you can easily scale it back and half the recipe.  I did add a few roasted beets that I had leftover in the fridge, but they are totally optional. Use what you have! 

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Chocolate Aquafaba Mousse by @thefeedfeed

You know the liquid that is packed with your canned chickpeas, the stuff you normally dump down the sink? Don't!  Save it and turn it into a decadent chocolate mousse! You can also use it to whip up cocktails sans egg whites if you are into that kind of thing!

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Smashed Chickpea Salad by @rachelgurjar

Ever since my friend Rachel (our Test Kitchen Manager and Food Editor) developed this recipe last summer I've been obsessed with the combination of textures and flavors. Her original recipe calls for cucumbers and red onion, but feel free to use whatever crunchy veggie and allium you have in the fridge!

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Crispy Chickpeas by @saratane

These crispy chickpeas are a must have item in my household. I love to snack on them, throw them in salads, toss them on top of toast, or top soup with them. They could not be easier and only take 20 minutes to make! 

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