8 Fries for Burgers

From oven roasted to fried and everything in between.

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What defines a French fry? Is it the potato? Is it the cooking method? Here are 8 French fry suggestion from classic potato to eggplant, each paired with the perfect dipping sauce.

photo credit: @stiersaesthetic

Baked Parmesan-Garlic Fries

These garlic fries are perfectly seasoned and come with two perfectly paired dipping sauces. Get the recipe.





photo credit: @withfoodandlove

Loaded Fries with Green Goddess Tahini

With the fresh green sauce, these oven-baked fries are a healthy complement to any cookout. Get the recipe.





photo credit: @cindy1962

Asparagus Fries with Roasted Garlic Aioli

Lightly breaded asparagus stalks have a satisfying crunch but in that healthy way. Get the recipe.




photo credit: @jessiespiteri 

Semolina Crusted Sweet Potato Fries

Who needs ketchup when you can dunk these fries into guac?




photo credit: @bewellwitharielle 

Maple Carrot Fries

When slathered in maple syrup, roasted carrots take on a carmelized sweetness. Get the recipe.





photo credit: @thewholebite

Sweet Potato Fries with Horseradish Aioli

Baked fries are delicious, of course, but we can't resist the bite of the horseradish aioli. Get the recipe.





photo credit: @thefitmrs

Eggplant Fries

Roast eggplant strips for a colorful potato alternative. Get the recipe.





photo credit: @grahamblackall

King Cake Fries

A twist we've never seen before: poutine-style dessert fries for Mardi Gras! Get the recipe.