10 Salmon Recipes You've Gotta Make Sometime Soon!

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Sheet Pan Salmon with Squash and Couscous by @b.britnell
Just one pan stands between you and this complete meal.

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Honey Lime Salmon by @rasamalysia
Serve with rice and vegetables.

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Roasted Maple Salmon with Pumpkin, Fennel and Tomatoes by @sugaretal
Feel free to substitute with whichever veggies lingering in your fridge.
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Crispy Pan Fried Salmon with Winter Fruit Salsa by @heatherchristo
The vibrant salsa is made with fresh cranberries, pomegranate, spicy jalapeños, cilantro & onion.
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These clever salad boats are served in a tortilla shell.
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Poke Bar with Sesame Salmon by @aichabouhlou
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Blackened Salmon with Garlic Thyme Lime Butter and Spicy Mango Salsa by @vodkaandbiscuits
This fresh, light salsa will have you dreaming of warmer weather.

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Sockeye salmon pairs well with a peanut, lime, cilantro & basil noodle salad.
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