Sourdough Challah

"You see challah, I see bostock and bread pudding 😬. Also, inquiring minds want to know: are bread pudding and French toast casserole the same thing? You just eat one for breakfast and the other for dessert? Or maybe you keep the bread pieces intact for French toast casserole? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Sourdough challah, same recipe as on the blog. All room temp fermentation: bulk fermentation about 4 hours, shaped, then final proof at room temp for 4.5 hours til more than doubled."
-- @rushyama
A Note from Feedfeed

Look at that beautoful gold crust!  The key for a perfectly golden brown and shiny challah is to brush it with an egg wash that utliies the entire egg.  The yolk will give you that deeply browned exterior and the white will keep things shiny!  This challah is made using a sourdough starter for extra flavor!  Just starting out in the bread world? Give our simple challah pretzels a try.