Garlicky Chili Crunch Oil
"🌶 Say hello to my new pantry staple, chili crunch! With spicy chili oil infused with star anise, cinnamon and bay leaves with crispy garlic and shallots. Dear LORD let me tell you how good this is! I have had it with pretty much everything I’ve eaten this week. I tossed it with some cooked noodles, dipped homemade dumplings into it and drizzle the crunchy bits onto a veggie soup! It’s not super spicy, which is why I love it, there is a wonderful depth of flavor, texture and fragrance to this chili crunch oil."
-- @milkandcardamom
A Note from Feedfeed

We thought we weren't condiment people, until we discovered this. Infused chili oil with crunchy garlic and shallots is the perfect topping for pretty much everything. A jar of this will keep for a month, but we're going to finish it faster than that. 

Currently craving this drizzled on our toast!