Your New Favorite Thanksgiving Menu

11 New Recipes You Need to Try!



Settle in and get your grocery list ready- we’re here to talk Thanksgiving!

This menu has a little bit of everything: a low-stress turkey recipe, hearty veggie sides, and epic homemade desserts. Our editors have been hard at work testing (and re-testing) to ensure these dishes are a breeze to pull off in a home kitchen. We love to stick with the classics, but update them ever so slightly to amplify their flavor. After all, isn’t the best kind of holiday meal one packed with comforting, delicious food made with love? We promise this feast will go down in history as a meal that is both stylish and substantial.
Garlic and Herb Turkey
Everyone needs a fuss-free turkey recipe up their sleeve. The secret to keeping your cool is to approach the turkey just like you would a simple roast chicken: aromatics, plenty of salt and pepper, and keeping the skin nice and dry.

Note: If you are unable to source a turkey this year due to limited supply or a limited budget, consider substituting with chicken using the same method listed, just check for doneness as annotated in the recipe.
Pomegranate Cranberry Sauce
Pucker up! This cranberry sauce uses pomegranate juice and pomegranate molasses, as well as some fresh bay leaves and plump clementines for background sweetness. After the mixture cooks down just sweeten to taste with a few sprinkles of sugar.
Butternut Squash Galette
You’re going to wonder how you lived without this sweet and earthy pastry! Spice-roasted squash, caramelized onions, sage, goat cheese, and raisins lay atop a sheet of prepared puff pastry that bakes up to flaky deliciousness.
Chip Dip Mashed Potatoes
These creamy mashed potatoes pack a punch of savory flavor thanks to a scoop of prepared sour cream and onion dip!  Fold in chopped chives for a pop of freshness, then BRING ON THE GRAVY!
No-Drippings Gravy
Embrace the mighty bouillon cube! These flavorful little nuggets add dimension to herby gravy without the hassle of reserving and defatting the drippings from your turkey. You can blend the gravy to make it silky smooth, or leave it more rustic with bites of sweet onion.
Corn Pudding Casserole
It’s corn! But really, it is sooo much more than that. Canned corn and creamed corn add layers of texture and sweetness, while sour cream and creme fraiche add a tart flavor acidity to lift this fluffy-yet-custardy scoopable side.
Stuffing Popovers
Defy gravity with these light and pillowy popovers! Thanks to one of our favorite Trader Joe’s ingredients: Everything But The Leftovers Seasoning! This blend does all the heavy lifting with notes of herbs, two kinds of yeast, celery seed, and onion, but if you can’t get your hands on a jar you can swap in another poultry seasoning blend that contains similar ingredients.
Grandma’s Yeast Rolls
A tried-and-true recipe if there ever was one. This version has been made by team member Chloe’s grandmother for years (though, we have scaled it down quite a bit!) A few humble ingredients transform into pillowy rolls that are perfect with a swipe of butter or a dunk in some gravy.
Date Pecan Pie
Date syrup adds notes of caramel to this pecan pie that you just can’t get from traditional corn syrup. Espresso powder and dark chocolate add an edge and a heightened depth of flavor. We may have just found the star of your holiday dessert table!
Pumpkin Burnt Basque Cheesecake
Say hello to your new favorite cheesecake recipe! This burnished, crustless cheesecake features a silky homemade pumpkin butter spiked with pumpkin pie spice and white pepper. The trick to getting a perfectly smooth cheese base is room temperature ingredients, and lots of slow, steady stirring. And if all else fails and you’re still left with lumps, have a mesh strainer at the ready.
Vegan Sweet Potato Sticky Buns
These fluffy swirls of spiced sweet potato goodness boast layers of flavor from walnuts, warm spices, and maple syrup. Cloaked with an espresso-spiked marshmallow fluff, these rolls are just begging to be eaten for breakfast with a strong cup of coffee the day after the feast. Plus, they come together in just a few hours’ time. Did we mention they’re vegan?