Sourdough Toast with Yogurt, Gravlax, and Caviar
"Another homemade toast out of the kitchen of my Copenhagen AirBnB. I found this wonderful dark bread at the grocery store made of whole grains and lingonberry and I love its sweet and nutty flavor—I’ll definitely be missing it when I’m back home. Topped it with plain yogurt, gravlaks from @havtorvehallerne, herring caviar, thinly sliced shallot, dill, and microgreens. Also made a soft-boiled egg with it, though was bummed that the yolk was not the deep orange I associate with European eggs. Please ignore the part where the runny yolk ran all the way onto the toast before I finished properly arranging everything on the plate.⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Torvehallerne is my favorite place to visit in Copenhagen. It’s pricy, but so jammed-packed with the most gorgeous displays of veggies, seafood, and Scandinavian culinary treats. The stall where I purchased the gravlaks had every kind of cured fish I could imagine, plus other delicious seafood I only wish I had time and stomach space for. For those of you back home, think of @torvehallernekbh as like the SF Ferry Building on a farmers market day, but with even more seafood and minus the ferries. I think every major city has some sort of marketplace like this—a place that shows off the finest local ingredients and makes non-locals totally envious of those who live there. I love visiting these types of places so comment below if your city has a fresh marketplace like this, so I can dream of visiting it someday.⁣"
-- @lilybubbletea
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