Cinnamon Rolls

"I made these cinnamon rolls using a mishmash of different recipes. The base for the dough was @turshen’s raspberry jam buns from Small Victories, with sourdough starter substituted in for some of the yeast, flour, and milk. The cinnamon sugar filling was based on the @tattebakery recipe in @foodandwine except I substituted some cardamom for part of the cinnamon. And then when it came out of the oven I brushed everything with a simple syrup instead of a glaze to add some flavor, shine, and keep it moist. You can find more notes on how I shaped and proofed these rolls in my previous posts from this week. Don’t forget to check out the #sourdoughmonthlychallenge hashtag to see all the other sourdough enriched dough bakes from this week!"
-- @joyosity

A Note from Feedfeed

For a similar cinnamon roll recipe, check out this one from our friends at Tatte Bakery! Toss in some cardamom for a subtle, floral note!